MAFS: Jamie Otis gives update on her nephew after shocking hospitalization— Investigation still ongoing

MAFS star Jamie Otis wants justice for her nephew after his hospitalization
Jamie Otis shares an update on her nephew following his hospitalization. Pic credit:@Hangingwith theHehners/YouTube

Jamie Otis and her family are still waiting for answers as to what caused the shocking injuries that led to her baby nephew’s hospitalization. The Married at First Sight star has been keeping her social media followers in the loop about baby Jayme’s progress after initially sharing his story with them several days ago.

Jamie initially posted some heart-wrenching photos of her nephew hooked up to machines in the hospital but thankfully, Jayme is now back home with his family.

Jamie Otis shares update on her nephew

Jamie Otis shared her latest update on baby Jayme a few hours ago, and the Married at First Sight star made it known that they still don’t have the answers they need.

She opened up about Jayme’s ongoing recovery and about how her sister is doing amid the harrowing experience.

“At one point we weren’t sure if baby Jayme would be able to leave the hospital to go home, but HE DID!? Hiccups and all.?❤️ I shared this in stories but it deserves a permanent spot here!” wrote Jamie.

She noted, “To be honest, he’s had a rough time since leaving the hospital.? He’s been up all night crying & seemingly in pain,” said Jamie. “My sis has been giving him Tylenol around the clock to help w the pain (she thinks he’s having headaches bc he grabs at his head). That seems to be helping some and he got more sleep last night.”

Jamie Otis wants justice for her nephew

The Married at First Sight star expressed how badly she felt for her sister and made it clear that they are seeking justice for what happened to baby Jayme.

“I feel awful for my sister though. I read her post on Facebook & my heart just sank,” wrote Jamie.

She also shared her sister’s post which read, “This is not fair! Why should my baby have to deal with the aftermath of pain, frustration, and uncertainty that came from someone else’s actions?!?! ??? My beautiful happy baby is just NOT himself.

It continued, “He’s cried more in the last week and a half [than] he has in his life! He seems to be having headaches. Crying and bringing his hands to his head. At this point, I am very IMPATIENTLY waiting. #justiceforjayme.”

Jamie Otis then added a message for her sister, “Sissy, you are not alone! We are here with you! All of us! There’s a whole army praying this never happens to another innocent, defenseless baby and we’re also seeking justice for Jayme … we are standing by your side.”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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