MAFS Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have put baby number three on hold as they focus on ‘strengthening their marriage’

MAFS Jamie and Doug hold their new baby, Henley
MAFS Jamie and Doug Hehner hold their first baby, daughter Henley Pic credit: Lifetime

Hendrix, Henley, and new baby make three? Not for Jamie and Doug Hehner, well at least not right now. The couple recently announced they will be putting all baby-making plans on hold, while they work on strengthening their marriage.

A few months ago, Jamie and Doug had posted a teaser on Instagram saying they could be pregnant with baby number three, but the pregnancy test was inconclusive. Jamie had added she would be buying and taking another test the following morning to find out for sure.

Jamie went on to explain the couple was actively trying to expand their family of four, which includes their four-year-old daughter Henley, and one-year-old son Hendrix.

Long story short, the couple was not pregnant with baby number three, but Jamie had ended the series of posts saying she and Doug were still hopeful and would keep trying.

Shortly after announcing the news, that the test was negative and their family would not be expanding, at least not at the moment, Jamie took an unprecedented break from social media. MAFS OG Jamie Otis is known for posting frequently about her and her husband Doug’s marriage and journey through MAFS and beyond. So for her to take a break, let fans know, something was very wrong.

Jamie and Doug take a break from trying to conceive

But it looks like all trying will be put on hold while the two work on their strained marriage.

Jamie posted this to her Instagram, letting fans know that she and Doug might not be preventing a future pregnancy but they weren’t actively trying either, as they put their main focus on strengthening their marriage.

Doug and Jamie open up about their struggling marriage

MAFS Couple’s Cam revealed that Jamie and Doug’s marriage was far from perfect. The couple even sought the help of a marriage therapist and the show revealed that Jamie had accused Doug of infidelity. The episode had many fans wondering if this was the end of the road for one of the very first MAFS couples ever.

But the couple posted again following a very tough therapy session, saying even though things were tough they weren’t giving up on each other or their marriage, much to the relief of the fans.

It seems the couple has turned over a new leaf as they begin trying new things together and following the marriage therapist’s advice and homework. While things seem to be on the upswing for the couple and their marriage, it seems their baby plans, will just have to wait.

But hopefully, we will be hearing more good news soon from the couple as their therapy progresses, and who knows, maybe a new baby will show up after all.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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