MAFS: Fans weigh in on Decision Day predictions

MAFS Season 13's Johnny, Gil and Ryan listen intently.
Which MAFS men are walking away single? Pic credit: Lifetime

It is finally upon us. Decision Day has arrived and some of the Married at First Sight Season 13 spouses are about to walk away single. But which ones will it be? Fans weighed in with their predictions on who will walk away happily married, and who will just walk away, period.

Fans predict the Decision Day outcomes

Today the official Married at First Sight Lifetime Twitter page posted a Season 13 “marriage bracket.” The post highlighted all the Season 13 couples and asked fans who they thought would be the ones to win the Decision Day marriage relay.

While for some of the couple’s the fan responses were mixed. for other couples, the vote was almost unanimous.

Brett Lindsay and Ryan Ignasiak were a crowd-pleaser for the divorce category, while Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel seemed to be overwhelmingly a fan favorite in the “stay married” category.

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero were a bit of a mixed bag among fans’ opinions with many pointing out that they were the least dramatic couple of the season, but still others bringing the fact that their differences, might be a deal-breaker.

It could be anyone’s game

Season 13 of Married at First Sight has certainly been a wild ride, proving that everything is bigger in Texas, even the drama. And with Decision Day drawing close, it has left fans with a lot of mixed opinions about who will say “I do” and who will say “I divorce.”

Viewers used the post as a template and circled their responses to who they thought would most likely stay together and who would most likely part ways. Myrla and Gil and Rachel and Jose were the only two couples that most seemed to think would stay together, while the other three were mostly falling in the divorce category.

MAFS fans predict who will stay together on Decision Day.
Pic credit: @taniijoy/Twitter

But even Myrla and Gil had some mixed reviews. It is understandable as the couple does have a lot of differences, and some of them are bigger issues such as their lifestyle, their goals, and their motivators. In fact, viewers have questioned why the two were matched in the first place.

For the most part, fans put Rachel and Jose in the “stay married” category. But the couple’s first fight was so fiery that it resulted in Rachel being locked out of the apartment, and caused fans to tell Rachel to “run.” So there is still even some doubt surrounding if these two will make it.

Some viewers are even calling the season a 0/5 and think that none of the couples will stay together!

MAFS fans weigh in on Decision Day predictions.
Pic credit: @eltrym0102/Twitter

While that is a grim possibility, we know that Married at First Sight Decision Day usually has a few surprises up its sleeve. And with the back and forth nature of the couples of Season 13, we are sure this Decision Day disappoint. At this point, it really is, anyone’s game.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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