MAFS fans fire at Johnny for telling Bao she’s not trying

MAFS Johnny rolls his eyes
Johnny rolls his eyes at his wife Bao. Pic credit: Lifetime

Bao may not be Johnny’s biggest fan right now, but neither are the fans.

Fans sound off at Johnny

Married at First Sight fans had a lot to say about the latest Season 13 episode that featured an explosive moment where Johnny told Bao she wasn’t trying. Ouch.

Johnny accused Bao of being inconsistent and told her that what she considered her one hundred percent effort was his one-hundred-fifty percent effort, meaning he was trying much harder than she was.

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When Bao responded she was frustrated that Johnny was not appreciating the things she was doing and felt like he was complaining while asking her to do more, Johnny became emotional and left the table. The incident culminated in Johnny telling Bao they were not compatible and leaving the apartment for the night.

As bad as the disagreement was, it turns out it was just the tip of the iceberg as even more confessions from Johnny came later in the episode. But as soon as the fight began, fans’ comments started flying.

As Johnny began asking for Bao to give additional effort and initiate more, fans began wondering what Johnny felt he was bringing to the relationship table.

As Johnny continued to accuse Bao of being inconsistent with her effort and personality, fans just kept the comments coming.

Johnny says he would rather be matched with ‘literally anyone else’

As rough as the first fight of the episode was, Johnny was just getting started. Later during Johnny and Bao’s meeting with Pastor Cal, Johnny dropped the bomb that he would have rather been matched with “literally anyone else.”

Johnny went on to say that he felt Bao was always making excuses to not do the things he wanted her to do. He also revealed that in his mind there was a picture of an ideal woman and that Bao was falling short of that. Fans did not take kindly to this revelation either and felt Johnny was being childish and that Bao deserved better than how she was being treated and the things Johnny was saying.

Unfortunately, this is not Johnny’s first rodeo with upset fans. Last week’s episode also brought an onslaught of comments also as many fans feel Johnny’s behavior was “toxic.” As Johnny called his wife “manipulative and controlling” many did not agree. Slowly but steadily Johnny has been declining as a fan favorite, although initially the couple was voted by us and many others as Most Likely to Succeed.

But it can be hard to keep up with these two as one episode will have them sneaking away to spicy bedroom trysts and the next will have Johnny telling Bao they aren’t compatible. So what next week will bring for the newlyweds, Johnny and Bao, is anyone’s guess.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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