MAFS fans fire at experts for putting Michaela on the show

MAFS Dr. Viviana reacts with surprise.
MAFS fans question the show’s experts’ judgment. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight Season 13 fans have had it with Michaela, between her blow-ups, breakups, walkouts, and the newly added behavior of breaking furniture, fans are saying they have had their fill. But now viewers are beginning to question how Michaela made it on the show in the first place.

The experts come under fire

Married At First Sight Season 13 has not exactly been smooth sailing for all the couples, but none have had stormier seas than Michaela “Hurricane K” Clark and her MAFS hubby, Zack Freeman.

Michaela’s ongoing outbursts and knee-jerk reactions have caused peace-loving Zack to head for the hills on multiple occasions and the latest couples retreat breakdown, had him saying enough was enough. But Zack wasn’t the only one who had had his fill of Michaela, as fans have also said they are sick of “Hurricane K.

But not only are fans questioning Michaela’s sanity, but they are also now questioning why the show’s experts let Michaela on the show in the first place.

Many viewers took to social media, following the latest episode, accusing Michaela of being “toxic” and calling out the experts for not doing a better job of weeding her out before matching her with Zack.

One fan even felt Michaela was “scary” and that the experts should have done a better job of catching the behavior before casting her.

Screenshot from Twitter user calling Michaela "scary."
Pic credit: @westNDNbeauty/Twitter

Another fan felt that not only should Michaela not have been cast, but that the experts should be doing more to call out her “toxic behavior.”

It’s clear Michaela is no longer a fan favorite, but not only are fans firing off on her, but now they are also coming full force at the experts.

The experts feel the heat

It’s a tricky premise for an experiment, to match two people sight unseen in front of an audience of millions. But the experts have always said that they vet the cast as much as possible with background checks, personality assessments, and even home visits where they rifle through potential newlyweds underwear drawers.

But as much as they vet, there are bound to be a few that slip through the cracks. We all remember Season 12’s Chris Williams, (well how could we forget, as he is yet to step out of the MAFS spotlight.) The experts received a lot of backlash over Chris making it on the show, which they responded to with understanding. There have been a few others along the way that have caused fans to attack the show’s matchmakers: Season 9’s Matt Gwynne, Season 8’s Luke Cuccurollo, and of course who could forget Season 7’s Mia Bally who ended up in jail because of an extensive arrest warrant.

Yes, unfortunately, this is not the first time the experts have had to deal with fan criticism, but the reality is, there is always the human component. How someone will act in front of a camera, or with a certain spouse, or in a certain situation, is often anyone’s guess, no matter how many times you perused their underwear drawer.

But hopefully, out of the five Season 13 couples matched, a few of them will come out of the experiment to find their happily ever after, even if it appears Zack and Michaela may not be among them.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Lorena S
Lorena S
2 years ago

Zack has a gentle nature about him – and Michaela is a stick of dynamite. She has, from the beginning, tried to hide her true nature. She’s volatile and angry and I believe has mental instability issues. I feel for Zack who I think has “tried” to be open – but if she acts like that when she knows the cameras are on – what’s she like when they are alone. YIKES.