MAFS fans continue to grow frustrated with Myrla’s behavior each week

MAFS Myrla looks displeased
MAFS Myrla looks displeased Pic credit: Lifetime

If MAFS’s Bao is the “Life of the Picky Party,” then Myrla is the picky party planner, organizer, and overseer, as the honeymoon revealed.

It’s no secret that Myrla likes the finer things in life, but it’s her long list of dislikes that are really stirring up fans this week.

Myrla’s complaining is driving fans crazy

Myrla’s dislike list has grown exponentially since she and her new husband Gil Cuevas arrived on their honeymoon. Myrla expressed her displeasure at the couple’s room saying “this isn’t that nice” and even said the hotel itself seemed like a “senior’s center.” Myrla went on to complain about everything from the small pool to the lack of beach access from their room. The list went on and on and even well into the next day.

Myrla was upset by the type of milk that was brought with her morning coffee and that there was no protein in their breakfast. She even was upset about the surprise plane ride her new husband Gil had prepared for them and fans had had enough.

Married at First Sight viewers took to social media to express their thoughts on just exactly what they thought about Myrla’s laundry list of “dislikes.”

There has been an ongoing debate over whether Myrla was “high class” or just “high maintenance” that initially had fans split, but since the honeymoon, it seems the scales have tipped in the direction of “high maintenance.”

Fans could not get over how many things made Myrla’s hate list and as the list grew, the comments just kept coming.

Will Myrla’s complaints drive Gil away?

While Gil seems like a fairly good-natured person, everyone has their breaking point and Gil seems like he might be fast approaching his.

While we felt that the couple did have some strong similarities that may give their marriage a shot, it’s always been a little up in the air as to whether the couple can get over their differences in finance and spending habits.

Meanwhile, on the honeymoon, while Myrla caught up on some work, Gil caught up with the other couples at the pool. Gil compared dealing with his new bride, to dealing with a toddler throwing a tantrum. Gil said he would let her get all her complaining out and wear herself down, like a toddler. While he did seem to be joking, it made fans, as well as the other couples, wonder, was he really only kidding?

As Myrla still had work to do, Gil hung out with the other couples by the pool playing volleyball, they even drew a smiley face on the volleyball, joking it was Myrla’s stand-in, which prompted one fan to comment that the ball could not be her, because it was smiling.

Yes, it definitely seems fans have had just about enough of Myrla, but the question remains to be seen, has Gil?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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