MAFS: Erik Lake talks about taking the high road after Virginia Coombs puts him on blast

MAFS Erik Lake looks upset
MAFS Erik tries to take the high road Pic credit: Lifetime

While Chris Williams and Paige Banks took home the title for Most Dramatic couple in our Season 12 Hall of Fame Awards, this week their Season 12 counterparts Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake have definitely given them a run for their money at the title.

Erik talks about taking the ‘lonely high road’

Erik Lake posted a photo to his Instagram stories of a view from the top. Erik, a military pilot, took a photo of a high-flying sunset view and captioned it with a comment decidedly aimed at his ex-wife, Virginia Coombs.

Erik observed that although the high road might be lonely and frustrating, that no one would ever regret taking it.

The observation was most likely in response to all the recent drama between Erik and his now ex-wife, Virginia, as Virginia posted a very explicit video to her Tik Tok this week, calling Erik a “narcissist with a God complex.” Ouch. Erik responded with a single post to Reddit, reminding fans that there were two sides to every story, he also added he would never post anything like what Virginia had because he simply would not do that to her.

Erik did not provide any further details or insight on his side of the story in the post and many fans viewed his disengaging from the drama as him “taking the high road.”

MAFS Erik Lake comments on taking the "lonely high road"
MAFS Erik Lake comments on taking the “lonely high road” Pic credit: @Erik_cleared_for_takeoff/Instagram

Erik and Virginia face off

The saga began with Erik and Virginia attempting an amicable post-divorce meet-up. Unfortunately, the planned peaceful reunion went way off course, with Virginia claiming she had to get out of Erik’s car in the middle of the street and take an Uber home due to an explosive argument between the two.

Virginia created a TikTok video putting Erik and the incident on blast, calling him among other things a “narcissist with a God complex.”

Erik responded with his Reddit comment and while many hoped that would be the end of the drama, the saga simply continued. Erik posted this story to his Instagram, discussing his attempt at taking the high road, and was met with a response by Virginia posting yet another video to TikTok.

In this video, she compared herself and her situation to the well-publicized case of Gabby Petito. Virginia claimed that often those who seem the calmest in fights such as someone who only posts a single comment, are more often the aggressor in the scenario, while those who come across as “crazy” are often the victims.

While Virginia did not name names, it certainly seems the video was aimed directly at her ex-husband Erik, in response to his Reddit comment and Instagram story.

Will these two’s saga ever reach a final chapter, or will the drama between these two just become the Neverending Story?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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