MAFS Decision Day dish: Who we think will say yes to forever and who will be the first ones out the door

MAFS Rachel and Jose on Decision Day.
MAFS Rachel and Jose prepare for Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Eight weeks have flown by for the Married at First Sight Season 13 spouses, and now Decision Day is just one sleep away. But which spouses will say yes, and which ones will be bolting out the back door? We’ve put together a list of predictions based on the past eight weeks for which couples will choose forever and which ones will choose the exit.

Rachel and Jose: Five out of five stars

Rachel and Jose have been fairly solid throughout the season, minus the major milestone of their first fight, and boy was it a doozy.

In two weeks, the couple went from dropping “I love you’s” to dropping the f word as Jose told his new bride in no uncertain terms to pack her things and leave the apartment during their heated first fight. As Rachel and one of the show’s producers tried to de-escalate the situation, Jose continued to shout profanities. Finally, when Rachel left to walk the producer out, Jose “accidentally” locked her out of the apartment.

After Rachel banged on the door of the other couples in the building to no avail, she reached out to an ex-boyfriend who came to pick her up, and that was where she stayed the night. Yikes. Not the best scenario for a couple that already struggles with jealousy and infidelity issues.

While Jose did eventually apologize and Rachel did reveal where she ended up that night, the couple still had a hard time overcoming the incident. It seems to be the main thing weighing on them going into Decision Day.

But the two have talked about their relationship multiple times, and overall it seems they feel there are more positives than negatives despite lingering doubts.

But after giving it some thought, could the lockout incident overshadow all the positives for these two?

We don’t think so. We are leaning towards this couple going for the “yes” and staying together.

We give this couple five out of five probability stars that they will both say yes.

Michaela and Zack: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

These two’s crossed wires in communication some days make it feel like they are from different planets. Their communication gaps cause the couple to run very hot and cold. One minute Zack leaves the couples retreat in the middle of the night to get away from a raging Michaela, the next, the two are chatting casually over lunch and having adult sleepovers. We are confused.

Our confusion only grows as Zack revealed in this week’s episode that a “no” on Decision Day is not a final answer for him. Zack feels that if he were to say no, it would simply mean that he was not happy with the way things had been going the last eight weeks. He said a yes would mean everything was great, and he was happy and wanted to continue the way things were. But he said a no meant that he was still open to the possibility of making things work, just not the way they had been.

If you are confused, so are we, but we take from it that Zack is more likely than not to say “no” on Decision Day.

On the other hand, we feel Michaela will say yes. Despite her blowups and breakdowns, the one thing she has been consistent about is wanting to be with Zack and to make it work regardless of what heated things she says in the moment.

One of the things we liked about Michaela as a partner for Zack was her determination and commitment. While that commitment may waver from moment to moment, overall, we think she did come into the experiment for a husband, and we think she feels she found that in Zack, even if she has a tough time showing it.

We think Michaela is most likely going to say yes on Decision Day.

So Michaela receives three stars of probability for a yes, and Zack receives five for a no.

Myrla and Gil: Our shooting stars

Did anyone see this couple coming? No. Did we put them dead last in our Most Likely to Succeed list? Yes, we did. But despite the odds, the couple has pulled through, at least until now.

We felt this couple had some fundamental differences that would be difficult for them to overcome in the long term. And although they’ve worked through those differences like champs, those differences now threaten to crumble their relationship.

The two have different motivations, goals, lifestyles, and values. And unfortunately, those things are generally the fundamental building blocks of a relationship. So while they may have other similarities and things in common, these big gaping differences determine everything from how they live their life to how they plan their futures. Having different motivators or important things means they have completely different outlooks on their lives and how they want to live them. Meaning they will continue to clash on these issues and even more so as they go along.

While motivators may not seem like a big difference in a relationship, it is the north star for almost every decision a person makes, so it can be a big deal.

Take, for example, Season 12’s Clara and Ryan Oubre. While the two had multiple things in common, one of their main differences was motivation. Clara was content to live her life for what brought her joy, while Ryan was driven to succeed and accomplish goals of self-improvement and finances. While the two tried to fight the good fight and work past that fundamental difference, ultimately, the two ended up calling it quits, and we would be willing to bet it was in no small part because of that.

Gil has also expressed that Myrla’s “Debbie Downer” attitude is also an issue for him, and while Gil is patient while Myrla tries to be more positive, his patience can only go so far. And Myrla’s attempts to change her personality might not be sustainable over the long term. Meaning Myrla might get tired of trying to change, and Gil might get tired of trying to change her. Compromise in the short term can be easy, but compromising something for the rest of your life? Well, that’s a different story.

So what does all of that say about Myrla and Gil’s situation? We feel like Myrla might say no. While it is clear Myrla cares for Gil, she also loves that Gucci-filled closet and her travel lifestyle, and we aren’t sure Gil will win out.

We feel like Gil might say yes. While he is not thrilled with some of Myrla’s habits, he also strikes us as a very committed person with strong follow-through. We think he will probably say yes.

So we say Myrla is three out of five stars of probability to say no. We say Gil is four out of five for yes.

Bao and Johnny: Star crossed

Many felt that the stars all aligned when Bao came walking down the aisle towards Johnny, a person she had not only known but had a crush on 15 years prior. It was the stuff of fairy tales. But it did not take long before it seemed the two were more star-crossed than destined to be.

The last eight weeks have shown Johnny and Bao get in some scuffles that we don’t think anyone saw coming. From Johnny telling Bao her mannerisms were unattractive to calling her a manipulator, a liar, and saying he would rather be matched with “literally anyone else,” it’s been a rough time for these two. Even their astrology is working against them.

But through it, all Bao has stayed determined, and the two continue to meet with the experts and follow their advice.

But just when we thought we had these two pegged, the tables seem to have turned.

We thought for sure Johnny was tapped out of the relationship after revealing his secret conversations with Bao’s friend Sarah and the weeks of fighting. We thought Bao would continue to stay committed as she had always been. But the most recent episode revealed Johnny playing with the idea of saying yes on Decision Day and wondering if he had given the process his all.

It showed Bao beginning to reveal some doubts.

So while the couple ended their pre-decision time on MAFS with a lovely candlelit dinner organized by Johnny, it still seems the two have a lot of thinking to do.

And we think the tides may have turned. We are feeling three stars out of five that Bao will be a no, and three out of five that Johnny — is a yes.

When the time comes, Johnny will actually want to give the process a little more time, and Bao will think time is up. But with the highs and lows of these two’s relationship, it is anyone’s guess.

Ryan and Brett: Not even in the same universe

Ryan seems like he is on another planet, in another galaxy far, far away. Wherever he is, it is not in this relationship with Brett, that is for sure.

Ryan has checked out of the relationship to the point that he downloaded dating apps before Decision Day even rolled around.

The couple started out so well. The wedding was good, the honeymoon was good, the return to Houston–not so good. While Ryan’s sister Alexa revealed she felt Ryan’s attention might be “diverted,” meaning she felt he might be talking to an ex, Ryan himself revealed he had redownloaded dating apps. So is it the spark of a new relationship that is distracting Ryan or an old flame? Or worse, both.

Whatever the reasoning, these two have just not been able to make the connection, and we see it as “no’s” across the board for these two.

We give Ryan five out of five probability stars that he will be a no, with an apology. And Brett will also be a five out of five no, with no apology necessary.

Overall there is no discounting the human component in this experiment. Couples that we felt sure would not even make it to Decision Day remain happily married years later, and other couples we never even saw fight surprised us with a no on the big day.

So it is anyone’s guess as to what surprises the final day of Married at First Sight Season 13 will hold.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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