MAFS’ Clara Oubre weighs in with advice for Season 13 fans

MAFS Clara Oubre poses on her wedding day
MAFS Season 12 Clara Oubre on her wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight has a long tradition of cast members from previous seasons giving advice to the new couples, but MAFS alum Clara Oubre has some advice for the fans this time.

Clara has advice for Season 13 fans

Married At First Sight Season 12’s Clara Oubre had some advice for the Season 13 fans.

Clara shared that even though she wasn’t watching the current season of MAFS, one of the tweets posted to the #MAFS hashtag had some wisdom she felt the Season 13 fans should take to heart.

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The tweet reminded fans that when someone has a “bigger than normal” reaction to something, it usually indicates something deeper going on with the person, like an emotional trigger, and encouraged fans to meet the behavior with curiosity, to ask questions instead of judging someone.

Clara retweeted the original post saying that it was good advice for everyone to keep in mind.

Michaela’s big blowout

The tweet refers to a scene from Season 13, where newlywed Michaela blows a major gasket when her new hubby Zack leaves the apartment in the early morning hours without letting her know. It turned out that Zack was dropping off his dog Bella at her doggy daycare, but by the time he returned home and could explain, Michaela had already packed her things and left. The couple’s home camera showed Michaela being so angry that she was slamming things around the apartment, and when the two spoke for the first time that day, before their Pastor Cal meeting, Michaela had some choice words for Zack.

As Pastor Cal dug deep, it turned out that Zack’s disappearing act, however innocent, had triggered some major fears in Michaela and flashbacks to her losing her father. The human mind is a funny thing. Finally, the fight resolved in Michaela falling into Zack’s arms and crying it out as he held her.

This only furthers Clara’s point that these big blowouts generally have a big reason, even if it isn’t obvious to fans right away. As one of the cast members on one of the most explosive seasons in MAFS history, she should know. While she and her now ex-husband Ryan didn’t have as many blowups as some of their costars, they did have some differences that were maybe not as visible from the outside.

The couple only recently announced their divorce, and some fans thought Clara might have been blindsided by her then-husband Ryan Oubre, as she decided to keep his last name and the couple had been planning an NYE vow renewal. Whether Clara herself was actually blindsided is debatable, there is no debate that many fans were. Clara and Ryan were viewed by many as the perfect MAFS couple, but in reality, there were still obstacles and triggers both of them faced.

This all proves Clara’s point that it is better to approach people’s relationships with curiosity and compassion instead of judgment because there is just no telling what is truly going on behind the scenes.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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