MAFS Clara Oubre sets the record straight about dating rumors

MAFS Clara Oubre looks surprised
MAFS Clara Oubre is surprised by fans’ assumptions Pic credit: Lifetime

One thing that definitely comes along with the Married At First Sight territory– the social media attention.

Clara Oubre reveals the ‘mystery man’s’ identity

It seems like a gal can’t even post a picture of her in a bikini hanging off the arm of a hunky man on a sunset beach anymore without the rumors flying. Ok, maybe we see why this pic posted on Clara Oubre’s Instagram of her and her reportedly taken gay college friend might have caused a bit of a stir.

After the picture was posted, fans immediately began speculating if the mystery man in Clara’s photo, was in fact her new beau. Things had been pretty quiet on the Clara front following her recent divorce from MAFS husband, Ryan Oubre. Well, other than the celebration Clara threw and posted on her Instagram celebrating the signing of her divorce papers.

But as far as new men on the horizon, it seemed the newly single Clara, was just enjoying her post-married life with brunch, music festivals and pool time with her MAFS castmates.

When Clara posted the photo to her Instagram however, with the caption “Is it us, are we the drama?”, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Clara was enjoying her divorce and post MAFS life so much, that she had taken on a new love interest.

Pic credit: @claraoubre/Instagram

But Clara was quick to quell the gossip mill around the man in the photo, by cutting fans off in the comments and explaining he was her long-time college friend who also happened to not be taken, and not to mention, not interested in women.

Clara reminds fans all her posts don’t have ‘deeper meaning’

Clara went on in the comments to remind fans that everything she posts does not have some deeper meaning. Clara had her Instagram before MAFS and will have it after, so she wants fans to know she will continue to post about her life as normal.

MAFS Clara sets the record straight about the mystery man in her photos.
Pic credit:@claraoubre/Instagram

Many previous MAFS cast members have had the struggle of maintaining their social media accounts following being on the show. Even Clara’s fellow Season 12 cast member Chris Williams, received such a backlash on his social media, that he deleted it for several weeks. While admittedly Chris’s social media was often used as a platform to bash the show and other castmembers, many other MAFS alumni have reported ongoing difficulties with fan backlash and rumors.

It must be difficult to have very private moments of your life and marriage broadcast on national TV, followed by having constant attention on your social media pages. But Clara seems to be handling the situation and continues to set the record straight on her posts and it appears will continue to do so as she shares her life with friends and fans via social media.

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