MAFS: Clara Oubre is officially divorced from Ryan Oubre, celebrates in new video

MAFS star Clara Oubre is officially divorced from Ryan Oubre
Clara Oubre celebrates her divorce in a new video. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at first sight star Clara Oubre has something to celebrate as her divorce from Ryan Oubre is now official. 

Clara chronicled the days leading up to her signing the divorce papers and she captured it all on video. She shared the video on social media and revealed that she’s officially a single woman again.

Clara tied the knot with Ryan Oubre after they were matched by the MAFS experts in Season 12. They seemed like an odd pairing as the cheery and outgoing flight attendant wore her heart on her sleeve, while Ryan was reserved, quiet, and had never even said the words “I Love You” in any of his prior relationships.

Clara aired her frustration each week at the fact that Ryan did not want to consummate their marriage, but on Decision Day they both decided to stay married. Furthermore, weeks later at the reunion the couple were still together and were planning a grand affair to celebrate their marriage. But two months after that, they announced that it was over and now it’s official.

Clara Oubre shares divorce news on TikTok

The Married at First Sight star actually shared the news via a TikTok video posted yesterday and revealed that she’s back on the market.

In the video, Clara started her countdown 27 days before she officially signed on the dotted line to end her marriage. “27 days until papers signed,” wrote Clara.

The video continued with her counting down each day until the big moment finally arrived. In the last clip, Clara is seen out enjoying a drink and celebrating.

She wrote, “Divorce papers signed,” and held her drink in the air while smiling.

Did Ryan Oubre post about his divorce?

Clara might be celebrating her divorce but what about her now ex-husband Ryan Oubre?

Well, the Married at First Sight star has been quiet on social media over the past few months and he has not mentioned anything about his divorce from Clara. As a matter of fact, Ryan’s Instagram page has been pretty dry since he announced his split from Clara. All remnants of her have been removed from his page and Ryan’s last post was actually on June 28.

This is not at all surprising since the low-key reality TV personality seemed private and reserved to begin with.

It’s not clear if Ryan and Clara have been in contact at all since they broke up but here’s hoping they both can move on from this and be happy.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

No surprise here. This was a disaster from day one! Ryan can do so much better that Ms High and Mighty! Good for you Ryan!