MAFS: Chris Williams posts photo in support of Ryan Oubre, tells people to leave him alone

Chris Williams in a suit
Chris Williams wants people to let Ryan Oubre be. Pic credit: Lifetime

Ryan and Clara’s recent statements on their marriage and divorce have got a lot of people talking including their fellow Married at First Sight Season 12 cast members. 

Along with Jacob Harder wishing the couple peace and Virginia Coombs airing out Ryan and Clara’s dirty laundry, MAFS Season 12’s most notorious cast member Chris Williams has also chimed in amidst the drama. 

Chris Williams may have bad blood with most of his castmates from the Atlanta season, but it seems he and Ryan managed to land on good enough terms that Chris Williams is speaking out in Ryan’s defense. 

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Chris Williams calls Ryan his ‘bro’ and comes to his defense 

Ryan Oubre recently broke his silence and shared his side of the story regarding his relationship with Clara Berghaus. 

In Ryan’s statement, he suggested that Clara’s disinterest in understanding his Blackness and his culture hurt the relationship, and he also expressed his disappointment with Clara’s use of media to essentially control the narrative surrounding their relationship and why it failed. 

Ryan received lots of comments of support under his post, including from Chris Williams who commented a series of prayer hand emojis. However, Chris’ support for Ryan didn’t stop there. 

Chris also took to his own Instagram page to share a photo of him and Ryan that appears to have been taken during a heated group date during the MAFS Season 12 honeymoon in Las Vegas. 

In the photo, Chris and Ryan pose next to one another on a rocky surface. Interestingly, in what seems to be an act of shade, Erik Lake is cropped out in the background of the photo as Chris is known to not be a big fan of Erik. 

Chris captioned the photo, “Y’all leave bro alone!” 

Ryan’s statements definitely stirred up some mixed feelings and disagreement, especially from Virginia Coombs, and it seems Chris felt it important to tell people to back off of Ryan as he speaks his truth.

Chris Williams expressed gripes with MAFS handling of race in the past 

After MAFS Season 12 wrapped, Chris was outspoken about all the issues he had with the cast, the franchise, the fans, and the experience as a whole.

In several social media rants, Chris accused the show of painting people of color in a negative light and suggested that he was held to a different standard because of his race. 

Chris used the example of fellow MAFS castmate Haley Harris who, like Chris, slept with her spouse despite not being attracted to him and Chris felt she was not as ridiculed as he was. 

While most MAFS viewers would agree that Chris Williams was fully responsible for the negative way he was portrayed, there has been a desire for Married at First Sight to cast more positive examples as a whole, especially when it comes to Black men. 

Chris appears to be on Ryan’s side amidst all the drama and stories being released from Clara and Ryan and it remains to be seen if even more cast members from their season will publicly pick sides. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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