MAFS: Chris Williams calls out the experts for not giving the participants what they want

Chris Williams poses for picture at his wedding
Chris Williams on his MAFS wedding day Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight Season 12’s “bad boy” Chris Williams is back– on social media anyway. After a brief hiatus, Chris is back and ready to tell viewers exactly what he thinks about the new season’s newlyweds and their compatibility.

Chris Williams is no stranger to stirring up a social media storm, and although he took a small break from the world of Instagram, he is now back in full force.

Chris broke his social media silence with his thoughts on the Season 13 couples and their compatibility, and in his opinion, the experts did not come through.

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Chris Williams is back on social media

He began by questioning Bao and Johnny Lam’s compatibility via his Instagram, as he pointed out that the two had very different hygiene practices. The hygiene issue between the two has been an ongoing debate this season, and has even been termed by fans as “Bathgate.”

Chris then moved on to comment that he questioned why the experts even asked people what they wanted out of a partner if they were just going to have them settle for less than what they wanted.

Chris Williams calls out MAFS experts

Chris slammed the experts for setting up an expectation for a “perfect match” among the show’s participants, claiming that it was something the matchmakers could simply not fulfill.

In the comments section of a popular MAFS fan page on Instagram, Chris wrote, “For once I just want to see participants get what they asked for! Stop forcing people to accept the opposite of what they asked for! If you will do that then don’t ask them what they want because it builds the expectation that they will get a match made in heaven!”

MAFS Chris Williams slams experts for not delivering
Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Although Chris may be one of the more outspoken Season 13 viewers who are questioning this season’s matches, he is not the only one.

Fans have also questioned some of the season’s pairings, most especially Myrla and Gil. The two seemed to receive the opposite of what they requested.

Myrla had asked for a full-haired, financially well-off man with no pets, and received Gil, a bald firefighter with a large dog. Gil on the other hand requested a “low maintenance” non-Instagram model and received Myrla, a person with a sizeable Instagram following and a closet full of expensive clothes.

Chris Williams questions the expert’s success rate

While this is the first time Chris Williams has commented on the current Married At First Sight season, it is not the first time he has called out the show’s experts on their matching practices.

Chris has previously fired off at the experts in social media posts, calling out their low success rate of thirty percent. Chris went on to compare the show’s high divorce rate of seventy percent to the fifty percent national average and felt it was proof that the experts were not fulfilling their promises.

The posts had been in response to public statements made by the show’s experts, after criticism they had received for putting Chris Williams on Married At First Sight in the first place, especially after it had been revealed that Chris had been living with his ex-fiance, while in talks with the matchmakers.

Dr. Pepper, one of the show’s experts, had responded to the criticism by saying that while there is an extensive screening process for candidates, some people are able to “fool everyone.”

Chris continues to fire at the experts for their lack of matchmaking prowess and with his return to social media and the beginning of a new season, Chris seems to have no shortage of ammunition.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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