MAFS: Chris Williams calls out Season 12 costar Virginia Coombs

MAFS Chris Williams looks angry
Season 12’s Chris Williams always brings the drama Pic credit: Lifetime

Well, the Season 12 “King of Chaos” is at it again. Despite the previous peace treaty between him and former Married At First Sight costar Virginia Coombs, it looks like the social media sparks between the two, are once again flying.

Chris Williams throws shade at former costar Virginia Coombs

MAFS Season12’s Chris Williams is no stranger to the social media scene and he is heating it up once again by sparking some drama between himself and his former costar, Virginia.

Chris posted to his Instagram a post about red flags that were present in some of the MAFS spouses, and he started off by firing shots at his previous MAFS nemesis, Virginia Coombs. The post listed a woman saying: “I want to sleep on my male friend’s couch and drink all day as a married woman”, as a red flag.

The woman who Chris is referring to is Virginia.

During Season 12 Virginia and her now ex-husband, Erik Lake had constant battles over Virginia’s ongoing desire to drink and go out with friends, including male ones that she did not see the problem in spending the night with. Chris is referring to this issue and calling it a “red flag.”

He also has made his thoughts on Virginia’s drinking very clear as he called her a “drunkard” on a group outing during the honeymoon.

So while the post does not name Virginia directly, it is pretty clear who the post is directed towards.

Chris Williams goes on a rant

Recent fan comments seem to have put Chris on the defensive and as he said in his caption, “shots fired.”

The recent season of MAFS according to fans, has featured some less than ideal husbands, and fans have begun comparing the Season 13 husbands to what they have called “the worst MAFS husbands ever.” Top of that list? Chris Williams.

Fans were also listing out the red flags in the current Season 13 husbands, and one red flag being that two of the husbands, Johnny and Ryan, were serial daters. Fans compared them also to Chris Williams, who had revealed he was actually living with his ex-fiance during talks with MAFS and who ended up getting back with his very recent and very pregnant ex-fiance during the filming of Season 12.

In response, Chris fired back about the red flags of some of the other spouses, namely, Virginia.

Although Chris and Virginia had seemed to make peace with each other, it is no surprise that Chris called Virginia out as the two never really saw eye to eye after their explosive honeymoon fight. Chris called Virginia a “drunkard” and a “fake” and the fight continued even into the group dinner where Chris threatened to fight Erik over Virginia’s comments.

But the two finally seemed to mend fences following the end of the season, with Chris even defending Virginia against critics calling her “racist.”

But it seems whatever truce they may have had was short-lived, as, with Chris’s most recent post, shots have definitely been fired.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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