MAFS Boston cast enjoy time together, have become ‘family’ after show ends

Married at First Sight star Katina Goode reunited her Season 14 cast for her birthday party.
Katina Goode celebrated her birthday with the Season 14 cast. Pic credit: Lifetime

The cast from Season 14 of Married at First Sight have joined an elite group. They are part of a small circle of people who have agreed to blindly marry a stranger and hope it turns out to be the love of their lives.

The season took place in Boston and was filled with drama, arguments, and lots of tears. Throughout their journeys, the cast became good friends and learned to depend on one another.

Now that the season has ended, they’ve maintained their close friendships and continue to support each other in their daily lives.

The Boston cast of MAFS have become ‘family’

Recently, Katina shared a post on Instagram that warmed the hearts of fans of the season. She posted a series of photos and a video showing most of the cast gathered for a fun night together.

In the pics, fans can see Katina hanging out with her husband, Olajuwon, Michael, Noi, Steve, and Jasmina. Everyone had smiles on their faces as they posed for various group photos.

The video on the post revealed that the gang had reunited to celebrate Katina’s birthday. They can all be heard singing to her as she attempts to capture special moments with her friends through pictures and videos.

Katina captioned her post with, “Friends turned family” showing that the group has truly bonded since going through the social experiment together.

Not everyone from the season was present for the party though. There were no traces of Alyssa and Chris, who ended their relationship just days into their marriage. Lindsey was another no-show, however after stating she had plans to move to California, she may not have been in town. Mark was also absent, although he left Katina a comment saying he’ll be at the next event.

MAFS Boston star Mark Maher comments on Katina Goode's post after missing the party with the rest of the cast.
Mark comments on Katina’s post after missing her party. Pic credit: @__slimmgoodie/Instagram

Which couples from Season 14 are still together?

Decision Day was a shocking moment for many viewers of the show. All four remaining couples chose to stay together and work on their marriages. However, during the reunion, it was revealed that some couples chose to call it quits for good.

Mark and Lindsey learned that their personalities just do not work well with one another. Lindsey, who admits she needs someone to reel her in from time to time, shared that she wanted someone with more drive and ambition. Mark revealed some hurtful behaviors he saw from Lindsey and shared the multiple times she went out of her way to degrade him. They chose to divorce, believing things would not get better.

Also choosing to separate were Michael and Jasmina. They both cited communication as a major issue in their relationship. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t figure out how to overcome the obstacle and make it work. They mostly had positive things to say about one another at the reunion and claimed they were still friends.

Olajuwon and Katina managed to work through their issues and have remained married. Katina says they have found balance in what they expect from one another. Olajuwon also claims he has toned down his harsh tone and is more open to compromise.

Steve and Noi also chose to stay together after the cameras went away. Steven put Noi’s mind at ease regarding his finances, and Noi agreed to be open to his entrepreneurial spirit. They recently confessed that they still have some issues in their relationship, but they are working through them and hope to have a lasting marriage.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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