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MAFS: Alyssa has already become the most hated cast member on the show due to her treatment of Chris

Married at First Sight Alyssa Ellman talks with Chris about their relationship.
Married at First Sight’s Alyssa Ellman is already proving really unpopular with fans. Pic credit: Lifetime.

The current season of Married at First Sight is well underway as 10 new singles have been matched together and agreed to blindly get married.

The most recent episode showed the newlywed couples headed to their honeymoons in Puerto Rico. While it’s still early to make guesses on who will stay together beyond decision day, many fans agree that one couple is definitely ready to call it quits.

Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette have been making headlines from the moment they said, “I do.” Alyssa’s sour attitude and unwillingness to participate in any activity to get to know Chris makes it clear that she was not happy with her groom. It’s also become the reason many fans have expressed their hatred for the 30-year-old Boston brunette.

She made it clear that she was not attracted to Chris. However, instead of being honest about her feelings, she started to find excuses to avoid him and became cold and rude. When he called her out on her behavior, she refused to acknowledge her actions and said they simply were not compatible.

MAFS fans side with Chris

When Chris tried to approach Alyssa about her refusal to put in any effort towards their new relationship, she began crying and saying she had been trying to make things work. As their conversation progressed, Chris accused Alyssa of gaslighting him, which upset Alyssa even more.

Fans seemed to heavily agree with Chris. They showed their support for him and cheered him on for calling out Alyssa’s manipulative ways.

A MAFS fan shows their support for Chris during an argument with Alyssa about gaslighting.
A fan of MAFS sides with Chris on claims that he was being gaslit by Alyssa. Pic credit: @livin_likeneely/Twitter
A MAFS fan shows their support for Chris during an argument with Alyssa.
A viewer shows their support for Chris. Pic credit: @PinkkBoobs/Twitter

Fans also criticized Alyssa’s seemingly shallow mindset as she placed heavy emphasis on Chris’s looks and suggested he is not her type. They also sided with Chris on his feelings that she was not putting in any effort or trying at all.

Another fan said they “feel for Chris” because “he’s trying so hard, and Alyssa is not worth the effort he’s giving.”

A viewer expresses her support for Chris on Twitter.
A viewer shows her support for Chris. Pic credit: @IvieIgb/Twitter

It’s pretty clear that viewers are not fans of Alyssa and her behavior and feel that Chris may have been slighted during the matchmaking process.

One MAFS alumna has hope for Alyssa

While most viewers are already over Alyssa and her antics, there’s one fan who seems to be on her side.

Jamie Otis, from the very first season of the show thinks there’s hope for Alyssa and Chris. Fans may remember Jamie having a meltdown on her wedding day because she did not feel an attraction to her husband, Doug. Eventually, she did overcome those feelings, and the two have remained married and welcomed two children.

It could be argued that Jamie and Doug were the exception and not the rule. After all, Jamie wasn’t necessarily mean to Doug in the same way Alyssa is to Chris. Do you agree with her and think Alyssa can get over her initial feelings? Or do you think the two should call it quits?

Watch Married at First Sight on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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  1. She is the most rude, shallow person they have ever put on the show. They need to give Chris a do-over with someone that is genuine and appreciates him.

  2. She is awful. She is rude, shallow and frankly I can’t stand her. I don’t care for Chris either butt he deserves better than her. The experts got this couple all wrong.

  3. She should be taken off the show. She’s in it for the money. She isn’t really trying to make it work. Shame on you to hurt someone like you are doing to Chris. She’s a spoil brat who gets Her way. Selfish brat

  4. Unfortunately this is not a goid match. She clearly doesn’t want to try. I would have them call it quits. Chris deserves a sincere caring woman. Not this spoiled self centered immature woman

  5. Not everyone is going to be attracted to someone they just met, but I assume the MAFS contract asks each person to TRY and get to know their spouse. Alyssa is rude and unkind and she only makes it worse for herself by making statements about how nice she is. She is indeed a gaslighter and Chris deserves a do over.

  6. Alyssa said the Experts s—– up! They certainly did … Alyssa obviously has a personality problem PLUS the emotional maturity of a 2 year old …with all her tantrums!!!! She ruins the show, send her home and quit traumatizing Chris. What a waste of the viewers time!!!!

  7. I agree. She is not there to mingle with the women. Come on, if she is allowed to live there, I am no longer watching this show. I can’t stand to look at her.

  8. Alyssa is a spoiled brat. Her treatment of Chris is unacceptable. She doesn’t deserve being allowed to live separately from her “husband”. She obviously joined to get attention. Chris should be matched up again in the next series. He’s such a kind, gentle guy who would make a great husband.

  9. I believe Alyssa started off with good intentions, But after the wedding was done and over, and she saw Chris was not what she expected she was unhappy and unwilling to try. Then it became about what she could get from the show/experience. She made a big deal about how blunt she is, and will speak her mind, but every time she get around Chris she won’t do it. We all see who she is, and can clearly see what she’s about. She just need to be real, and stop playing with him. Chris needs to wise up and cut his losses, because all she is willing to give is zero percent, an a big performance. Oh and I am more than over the fake crying stop it Alyssa it’s tired.

  10. I hope she DOES NOT move to my beloved state of Texas!!!!!!! We don’t need any one like her here. I don’t even think our canines who need rescue would want her here! For darn sure I won’t support any rescue organization that involves her. She is shallow, self centered and self absorbing. It is only about her. Very sad. Guess we all need to say prayers for her. But please stay out of my state!!!!!!!!!


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