MAFS alumni Amber Bowles and Henry Rodriguez meet up in New Orleans

Amber sits on a bed while wearing a dress and earrings
Amber feels both heartbroken and relieved to be done with frustrating MAFS spouse Matt. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight stars Amber and Henry recently spent time together in NOLA, further proving that MAFS castmates don’t just form bonds with the fellow stars on their season, but also with MAFS stars from seasons past.

During the Season 9 star, Amber’s, visit to New Orleans, she met up with Henry and thanked MAFS Season 11 star, Olivia Cornu, for recommending a great NOLA bar with an even better view.

Amber and Henry have both stirred up dating rumors 

Two things that Amber and Henry have in common is that their troublesome marriages both ended in divorce on Decision Day, and fans have encouraged them to date other cast members post-show. 

When Henry was seen in a photo with his fellow MAFS season 11 castmates, people took notice of him and Olivia Cornu being the only singles in the photo. Henry and Olivia had their arms around each other and were sandwiched in between successful MAFS couples, Woody and Amani and Miles and Karen, leading fans to encourage Henry and Olivia to date.

Considering Henry and Olivia’s MAFS spouses were utterly incompatible with them and put them through a disappointing roller coaster ride of a marriage, many were outspoken about Henry and Olivia potentially having better chemistry and more like-minded personalities. 

Despite fans’ push for the two to date, it does not appear Henry and Olivia have officially explored a romantic relationship with one another and, while Henry and Amber recently spent time together, they also have not publicly revealed whether they are pursuing a romantic relationship.

Amber and Henry smile in their selfie
Amber and Henry spend some time together in NOLA. Pic credit: @abowlforlife/Instagram

Meanwhile. Amber had to denounce dating rumors when a photo surfaced of her spending time with MAFS villain, Luke Cuccurullo. While she believes Luke is a better person than he was portrayed to be on TV, she made it clear they were not in a relationship.

Amber also got people talking when she issued a shorts-shorts challenge to the MAFS husbands from various seasons. MAFS Season 12 star, Jacob Harder, took on the challenge by posting a photo of himself in notably short shorts while in his home gym. 

The playful banter between Amber and Jacob led some fans to express that the two divorcees could make a good couple, especially after both Amber and Jacob had particularly rough marriages while on Married at First Sight. However, Amber and Jacob also appear to just be friends. 

Amber stays in touch with several MAFS stars 

On top of running into Henry during her time in New Orleans, Amber also remained friends with the women from her season of Married at First Sight. 

In 2020, it appears MAFS stars, Iris, Mindy, and Meka came out to celebrate Amber’s divorce almost being official, after a painfully drawn-out process to separate from her allegedly disloyal husband, Matthew. 

Amber Bowles may have had one of the rockiest marriages on the series but she certainly appears to have come out of the process with great and supportive friendships.

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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