MAFS alum Lindy Elloway throws shade at ‘toxic ex’ as she enjoys single life

MAFS Season 15 star Lindy Elloway screenshot
Lindy Elloway has standards for her next relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lindy Elloway threw shade at a “toxic ex” in a recent post, and you can call us shady but the first person that came to mind was Miguel Santiago.

We’re not the only ones who immediately thought of Lindy’s ex-husband at the mere mention of the word toxic.

After she posted the message several people took to the comment section to bash Miguel for how he treated his wife during the eight-week process.

We witnessed their rocky relationship during Season 15 and although the couple opted to stay married on Decision Day, they couldn’t sustain the relationship.

In February 2023, Lindy announced their divorce, stating that Miguel was not committed to the success of their marriage.

Since then, the Married at First Sight alum has been happily single, and now Lindy has set some standards for her next relationship.

Lindy Elloway throws shade at her ‘toxic ex’

The MAFS star shared an Instagram post with a list of things she will about not tolerate in her next relationship.

“Okay repeat after me, in a relationship, I will never again settle for…” wrote the MAFS star in the video as she listed a slew of things including “mixed messages, abusive behavior, gaslighting, indirectness, dishonesty.”

Lindy also opened up about her personal life and affirmed, “A life alone (fulfilled with what brings you joy) can be better than being with the wrong person.”

Lindy has been living her best life as a part-time flight attendant and physical therapist, and she’s happy being single until the right man comes along.

She shared some advice for her Instagram followers, telling them not to tolerate “poor treatment” from people who are unwilling to work on themselves.

“A green flag is when someone is willing to put in the work it takes to create a healthy relationship”, stated Lindy. “I know he’s out there, but in the mean time I’m very happy while I wait, AND I’m never rushing into something, or settling again. relationships #toxicex.”

MAFS fans slam ‘toxic’ Miguel Santiago

Meanwhile, as proof that we weren’t the only ones who assumed Lindy was referring to Miguel, the response to the post speaks for themselves.

“Man, was he toxic,” wrote a commenter. “I don’t know how these dudes sell themselves to the producers and experts of the show but he did a really weird 180. 🤔”

“JusT watching the last episode and your joy looked Gone!! I hated to see that but boy I’m Happy to see you So Full of life Now!! 🥰 you deserve only the Best!” said someone else.

One viewer told Lindy, “I HATED how he treated u, you’re so lovely and deserve only the absolute best 💕💕💕💕💕.”

MAFS fans bash Miguel Santiago
Pic credit: @lively.lindy/Instagram

Someone else blasted Miguel saying, “He was so negative about everything!!! It’s like you wasn’t allowed to be your true free self!”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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