Madison Prewett gets support from her father in the sweetest way after The Bachelor finale

Madison Prewett
Madison Prewett gets the support of her father, Chad Prewett. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Madison Prewett has gained lots of respect this week after standing up for herself on the finale episode of The Bachelor.

While Peter Weber’s mom Barbara continued to heckle Madison about why she didn’t really like her, Madison kept reminding Barbara that this was as much her journey as it was Peter’s.

The world fell in love with Madison all over again. One of the people standing by her is her father.

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As the finale aired on Tuesday night, her father tweeted just how proud he was of her.

Madison Prewett’s father is proud of his daughter

Madison’s father’s social media activity is usually reserved for Auburn basketball, but he broke the rules to show support.

Chad Prewett revealed that America saw what he sees every day, explaining that he couldn’t be more proud of Madison as she fought for herself and fought for her right to share her side of the story.

He also added that being proud was an understatement, sharing that he believes her in and supports her, no matter what.

Thousands of people offered the same sentiment in the form of likes.

Chad wasn’t in the live audience when everything was playing out, but Chris Harrison had Madison’s back throughout the conversation with Barbara.

When Chris asked Barbara how Madison and Peter could give this a second shot, she admitted that she didn’t see it happening.

“He’s going to have to fail to succeed. That’s it. Chris, all his friends, all his family, everyone that knows him knows that it’s not going to work, so we’ve been trying to help him. Would we want it to work? Yes,” she replied.

While Peter begged his mother to give Madison a chance, she didn’t seem to budge at all.

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber call it quits

Just two days after appearing on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, Madison and Peter Weber have called it quits.

The two supposedly had some deep conversations about their relationship and decided it was best to mutually part ways.

On Instagram, Madison revealed that she was proud of her journey, and she was Peter’s biggest supporters.

It sounds like Barbara’s behavior and support for her son during Tuesday’s episode didn’t influence how she feels about Peter Weber.

The Bachelor is expected to return in January 2021.

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