Madina Alam is ‘America’s favorite ex-girlfriend’ after Joey Graziadei sent her home on The Bachelor

Madina Alam on The Bachelor
Madina remained quiet amid drama that could have become her entire story. Pic credit: ABC

Madina Alam dodged a lot of drama on Season 28 of The Bachelor, but she couldn’t avoid getting sent home.

She didn’t get a rose during Joey’s Episode 5 rose ceremony in Spain, effectively ending her run on the show.

While she’s gone home now, Madina is certainly not forgotten.

Even before her exit, Lea Cayanan took up her battle following Sydney’s Episode 4 exit, even taking aim at Madina for being nice to Maria after the fateful two-on-one date.

But Madina remained graceful throughout and refused to engage in the drama along with her co-stars, instead taking the high road from start to early finish.

After her exit, Madine even explained why she remained silent in The Bachelor mansion while Sydney was busy gunning for Maria on her behalf.

Madina Alam wants to coin ‘America’s favorite ex-girlfriend’

On Saturday, Madina shared a selfie that featured her wearing a shirt that said “World’s best ex-gf” on it. Over the top of the photo, she asked, “Can we coin it? America’s favorite ex-girlfriend.”

Madina shows off her world's best ex-gf t-shirt
Madina has a suggestion for Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: @dinelynee/Instagram

Considering who has gone home so far, it’s safe to say she probably is the favorite, with much of Bachelor Nation weighing in on the feud that could have engulfed her and got her caught up throughout the first half of the season.

But Madina never got caught up in the drama, even when Joey pulled her aside and asked her about it.

Instead of pointing fingers and potentially getting someone sent home, Madina told Joey that she did feel bullied but that she didn’t want to name names.

Later, she came to social media to backtrack on the bullying accusation, likely because of the backlash she was getting from The Bachelor viewers online.

Sydney, Lea, and Jess called mean girls

Even though Madina was central to the bullying accusations that have plagued Maria since Episode 2 of Joey’s season, she’s managed to avoid the bulk of the backlash.

This is mostly due to her own silence on the show, as Madina was friendly with Sydney and Lea but chose not to engage in their level of pettiness.

After the latest episodes, when Lea and Jess seemingly took over to fill Sydney’s voice, The Bachelor viewers have been speaking out.

Not just with the hate they have been receiving despite Maria’s plea to be kind to everyone involved, but also in labels, as The Bachelor fans have decided that Sydney, Lea, and Jess are the “mean girls” this season — and every season has them, even Gerry Turner’s season of The Golden Bachelor.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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