Madina Alam backtracks on ‘bullying’ claim on The Bachelor

Madina on The Bachelor
Madina is speaking out after backlash from her Bachelor appearance. Pic credit: ABC

Madina Alam unwittingly got caught in the crossfire in The Bachelor drama between Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas.

It all started when Sydney overheard Maria talking about her age after Madina commented how old she felt compared to the other women in The Bachelor mansion.

Sydney got upset because she felt like Maria was taking aim at Madina for being the oldest in the house.

But instead of talking to Maria about it, Sydney talked to everyone else, something that eventually got back to Maria, who then confronted Sydney in front of everyone.

This has turned into a big Bachelor feud now between Sydney, who won’t let the drama go, and Maria, who thinks that the whole thing is a big stupid misunderstanding.

When Joey caught wind of it all due to Sydney snitching about it in hopes that Maria would get sent home, he talked to Madina, who claimed she had felt bullied in the mansion but then declined to point a finger at who did it.

Now, Maria is speaking out about what she said

It didn’t take long for The Bachelor viewers to start commenting on the “bullying” situation, with many of them taking aim at Sydney, who they think should be sent home.

But Madina isn’t off the hook either after she told Joey that she did, in fact, feel bullied.

It’s not clear if it’s due to editing or what, but viewers are siding with Maria, whom they don’t think is bullying anyone.

The Bachelor viewers’ reaction prompted Madina to respond on Instagram with a video where she backtracks a bit about the bullying claim she made on the show.

In it, she started out, “Alright, I’m gonna make this short and sweet. Do I regret using the word bully? Yes. Will I always use the right words at the right times especially when I’m feeling a lot of different emotions? Absolutely not. But one thing I will never ever regret, even if it gives me backlash, is opening up and being vulnerable.”

Madina’s caption on the video said, “Life’s a little short to be comin for ppl based off what you saw of them on a reality show, no? ❤️ Spread love.”

As she was speaking, the screen changed to show some of the hateful messages she has been getting since The Bachelor drama began.

Maria Georgas asks everyone to be kind amid The Bachelor drama

Maria Georgas is the only one tied up in this “bullying” drama that The Bachelor viewers seem to be siding with right now, mostly because of the way she’s been handling it.

So it’s not a surprise to us that it’s Maria who is asking those tuning to be kind even though Sydney has been relentless in her mission to get Maria sent home.

It’s not sure why she’s even gunning so hard for Maria at this point but each week, she continues to take aim at the Canadian cast member and next week will be no different.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming The Bachelor episode, we see Sydney go to Joey again with complaints about Maria, putting a damper on a really cool Malta trip that should have been more fun and romantic but instead is turning into another drama-fest.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special Tuesday episode airing next week at 8/7c.

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