Marcos Spaziani hangs with baseball icon, thanks him for watching Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht's chef Marcos reveals baseball legend.
Marcos has made good use of his Below Deck Sailing Yacht fame. Pic credit: Bravo

Che Marcos Spaziani had the chance to hang with a baseball icon who, as it turns out, watches Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

There’s no question that Marcos was the breakout star of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3. The talented chef had his colleagues and charter guests drooling over his culinary skills.

Well, other than Charles Sanders, but fans were Team Marcos during that charter drama. Marcos also had some tension with stew Gabriela Barragan, who left mid-season.

Marcos revealed the impact the show had on his career and two restaurants at the reunion show. Thanks to the show, Marcos is busier than ever.

It’s good news for him. Sadly, it means Marcos won’t be back for Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

The chef’s popularity has earned him opportunities beyond his wildest dreams, including cooking for a baseball legend.

Marcos Spaziani hangs with baseball icon Derek Jeter

Since he won’t be back on Below Deck Sailing Yacht anytime soon, Marcos has updated fans on his life and career via social media.

One recent Instagram update brought baseball and reality TV together when the chef revealed he got to hang with New York Yankees legendary player Derek Jeter.

“Thank you for the invitation @derekjeter at your launch of your new project and chat with me !!! Thanks for watch @belowdecksailing also. amazing time #capitaloneparty #losangeles #DTLA #ELCAPITAN #NY #yankees #baseballnigth⚾ #privateparty #losangeleschef #nigthlife,” Marcos wrote on the Instagram post.

Yes, it seems that Derek is a fan of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Perhaps someday, he will pull a Johnny Damon and appear on the hit-yachting franchise.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans react to Marcos Spaziani chilling with Derek Jeter

It didn’t take long for chef Marcos’ post to become flooded with messages for him and the baseball icon.

One user called it amazing, while a different one declared, “Two hot men!”

Then another chimed in, writing, “Ok- this is cool, two of my passions coming together lol get Jeter on Below Deck!”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans react to chef Marcos post.
Pic credit: @chefmarcospaziani/Instagram

The consensus was both men are favorites, and their meeting up was pretty cool. Oh yes, Derek and Marcos are legends in their fields, that’s for sure.

Chef Marcos and Derek Jeter hang reactions
Pic credit: @chefmarcospaziani/Instagram

Chef Marcos Spaziani not only became a fan favorite on Below Deck Sailing Yacht because of his stellar skills but his bromance with Colin MacRae and Gary King is one of the closest in the franchise history.

Now Marcos can add baseball great Derek Jeter to his list of pals!

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-3 are streaming on Peacock.

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