Mackenzie Edwards lashes out at Teen Mom critic who suggests she and Ryan Edwards may be having marriage trouble

Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards driving to go house hunting on an episode of Teen Mom OG
Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards house hunting during an episode of Teen Mom OG Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie Edwards lashed out at a Teen Mom critic who suggested she and her husband, Ryan Edwards, were having marriage issues.

Mackenzie posted a selfie to her Instagram while cuddling with their son, Jagger.  The picture was captioned “There’s no place like home.”

One critic took the opportunity to point out that Ryan was nowhere to be found.  They posted, “Why doesn’t Ryan post?  Why no pics of him?”

A couple of other fans chimed in saying things like, “I don’t post my man up all the time.  I don’t think it’s that strange.  You’re just reaching for a reason to say something negative.”

The critic replied, “No.  He’s had a lot of problems.” making reference to Ryan’s former drug addiction and implying the couple could be having issues.

Another follower then said to the critic, “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.  Why are you following her, just to say hurtful things?”

It didn’t take long for Mackenzie to chime in and come to Ryan’s defense.  She posted, “Don’t we all have problems?  Or are you one of the rare few that don’t have any?”

Mackenzie Edwards Instagram reply to critic who implied there was an issue in their marriage
Mackenzie Edwards responds to a follower who criticized her marriage Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Mackenzie shared a recent photo with Ryan and family at a wedding which showed the couple is, in fact, still together.

Ryan’s struggle with addiction

Ryan is known to Teen Mom fans as Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend.  During his time on the show, fans watched him struggle to co-parent with Maci as they raised their son Bentley.

Fans also witnessed Ryan’s darker moments as he battled drug addiction. Ryan was arrested on several different occasions on drug-related charges.

After marrying Mackenzie in 2017, he completed a short stint in rehab to try to get help.  He continued to struggle with his addiction and entered an intensive rehab program again in 2018, which caused him to miss the birth of their son.

While Ryan hasn’t posted to his own Instagram account in quite some time, his most recent post was a picture that said, “Life Can Take You Higher Than Drugs.  Stop Drug Abuse.  Live Life.”

Ryan revealed in the caption, “I will never stop speaking out against this horrible disease!  It consumes your life and turns you into someone even you don’t know…I’ve made mistakes and I have really messed up in the past but there is so much hope ahead and it doesn’t mean I can’t change the future.”

On recent posts on Mackenzie’s Instagram, fans have commented on Ryan’s healthy appearance, leading them to believe he is doing better.  One fan posted, “Ya’ll look so happy and healthy!!! Ryan looks great.”

Another added, “Great picture Ryan seems so happy.”

Mackenzie takes down social media trolls

While some fans praised Ryan for looking healthier, several others criticized his appearance which caused Mackenzie to defend her man once again.

Social media trolls started making fun of Ryan’s grey hair in the family wedding photo and said he looked like a grandpa.  Mackenzie was quick to come to her husband’s defense, saying, “Hey! STFU that’s my grandpa! I like his gray! Goodbye.”

In another recent incident, a follower took aim at Mackenzie for posting an Instagram story where she ordered fast food from Chick-Fil-A.  The bitter critic said, “Not everyone is a trashy fast fooder.”

Mackenzie clapped back and said, “OK, Kathy, thank you for pointing out that I’m a ‘trashy fast fooder.’  I like all the fooders. My belly is full, and my heart is blessed.  Whatchu gonna do about it?”  She joked, “But you better be careful talking about God’s chosen chicken like that.”

Fan calls Mackenzie "trashy" for eating fast food
Fan calls Mackenzie “trashy” for eating fast food Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Whether it is jabs at her marriage, her husband, or her love of chicken sandwiches, Mackenzie has shown time and time again that she doesn’t take crap from anyone, and she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.


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