Mackenzie Edwards lashes out at Teen Mom OG critic who calls her ‘trashy’

Mackenzie Edwards on Teen Mom
Mackenzie Edwards claps back at a Teen Mom critic who called her names. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards is clapping back at a follower who criticized her for ordering fast food, calling her “trashy.” The social media heckler went after Mackenzie for documenting a recent trip to Chick-fil-A after a workout.

On her Instagram story, Mackenzie is seen joking that the person in front of her, who clearly doesn’t frequent the establishment often, had to ask to see a menu while the employees know her by name.

She said, “Now I wanna know how you got somebody that doesn’t know anything on the menu at Chick-fil-A…and then you have somebody like myself.”

She then received the message from the disgruntled follower that read, “Not everyone is a trashy fast fooder.”

Mackenzie wasted no time clapping back saying, “OK, Kathy, thank you for pointing out that I’m a ‘trashy fast fooder.’  I like all the fooders. My belly is full, and my heart is blessed.  Whatchu gonna do about it?”  She joked, “But you better be careful talking about God’s chosen chicken like that.”

Following the incident, Mackenzie changed her Instagram bio to “Trashy Fast Fooder” and in another one of her stories, she asked, “Where my other trashy fast fooders at?  At least this trashy fast fooder is blessed and highly favored because that is the Lawd’s chicken.”

The next day, Mackenzie really drove her point home by going to a Taco Bell and posting a picture of her order with the caption, “Ain’t no shame in my trashy fooder game.”

Fan calls Mackenzie "trashy" for eating fast food
Fan calls Mackenzie “trashy” for eating fast food Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Mackenzie is used to internet trolls

Mackenzie, who is married to Ryan Edwards, Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout’s baby daddy, is no stranger to internet criticism.

Recently, followers criticized Ryan’s grey hair in a family photo posted by Mackenzie.  One commenter said, “Ryan could pass as his dad and pretend to be the husband of Jen [Ryan’s mom].  He did not age well at all.” Another wrote, “Ryan looks so old, 32! More like 52!”

One fan commented that Ryan looked like a grandpa.  Mackenzie was quick to come to her husband’s defense, saying, “Hey! STFU that’s my grandpa! i like his gray! Goodbye.”

Mackenzie has revealed that, due to the amount of negative attention she receives on social media, she kept her most recent pregnancy with daughter Stella, a secret.  She said on Instagram, “To be really honest, most of the comments on my pictures are ridiculously mean, especially about how I look and how much weight I gain and how ugly I am or how I’m a terrible mother/wife.  I really can’t ever win.”

Mackenzie shared a photo of herself wearing a bikini on her Instagram page.  Fans were amazed by her transformation, posting comments like, “Wow…you look great!!! What’s your secret?” and “You are goals!!”
While being on TV puts her in the spotlight and makes it easy for the public to take aim at her every move, Mackenzie continues to prove time and time again that the haters aren’t going to knock her down.  Now dubbing herself as a “Trashy Fast Fooder,” it’s clear she has no intention of changing herself to please anyone.
Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus. 

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