Mackenzie Edwards claps back after being told she ‘deserved’ what happened to her

Mackenzie Edwards car selfie.
Mackenzie Edwards clapped back at critics. Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Former Teen Mom star Mackenzie Edwards has been through a lot this year.

Her marriage to Ryan Edwards imploded when he threatened her and destroyed things in their shared home.

His drug use and abuse were a massive part of Teen Mom. He is the father of Teen Mom star Maci Bookout’s oldest son Bentley, so he was a huge part of the earlier seasons.

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Mackenzie was also on the show, as her relationship with Ryan was highlighted. They would film with Jen and Larry Edwards when Ryan would have time with Bentley.

On the way to their wedding, one of the scariest scenes on Teen Mom was filmed. Ryan was driving while high on drugs and nearly fell asleep at the wheel with Mackenzie sitting beside him, clearly scared.

Because of that one scene and his history of violent outbursts and drug usage, Mackenzie has gotten comments about how she “deserves” what happened to her earlier this year.

Mackenzie Edwards claps back at critics

Taking to her TikTok page, Mackenzie Edwards used one of their popular sounds to get her point across.

She wrote, “Me when someone says I deserved every bit of what happened.”

Her caption read, “Plz go hear it again,” with hashtags.

Mackenzie Edwards receives mixed comments from followers

The comment section on TikTok lit up. So many followers have been watching Ryan Edwards’ life on the small screen for years, and seeing what happened between Mackenzie Edwards and her husband has drawn a lot of attention.

It was a mixed bag, with some supporting her, saying that no one deserves that type of abuse. In contrast, others mocked her, saying it was “all Maci’s fault” in response to Mackenzie and Ryan constantly blaming Maci Bookout for Ryan’s substance abuse issues.

Comments from Mackenzie's TikTok.
Followers had mixed reactions to Mackenzie’s clap back. Pic credit: @mackedwards85/TikTok

Other comments directed at Mackenzie Edwards mentioned the “BIGGEST RED FLAG” being the trip in the car on their way to get married. It was intense, and Teen Mom viewers couldn’t believe what MTV filmed and how they didn’t intervene when they saw what was happening.

She was also told she did deserve it, and more comments of support came along.

More comments from Mackenzie's TikTok.
Mackenzie’s followers point out the big red flag. Pic credit: @mackedwards85/TikTok

Mackenzie is dating someone new and moving on with her life as best as possible after filing for divorce from Ryan Edwards. There will be things to work through as the couple shared two children, but for now, Mackenzie is working through everything that happened this year.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter returns Wednesday, July 19, at 8/7c on MTV.

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