Maci Bookout shares family snow day video that will make you want to go sledding and build snowmen

Maci Bookout on Teen Mom OG
Maci Bookout shared her fun family day that has us appreciating winter. Pic credit: MTV

It was a happy day in the McKinney household today. Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout shared the cutest video of the family’s “Snow Day” and it’ll make even the biggest critics want to build a snowman.

Maci hashtagged her video with #thingsthatmatter, three words that have become a slogan for her family as she and Taylor McKinney work to make sure their family lives their best lives.

The song playing in the background is called The Way I Talk by Morgan Wallen and it’s the perfect choice for this well-made video edit that shows her family having the best time.

Maci, Taylor and the kids play in the snow

In the video, Taylor and Maci can be seen building a snowman together, both dressed in several layers of winter clothes to combat the cold. Their daughter Jayde can be seen in pink, helping out with the snowman.

Jayde got to take a big sled ride down an icy hill with Taylor. Their thrill ride down the frozen pavement looked like a lot of fun.

Maverick was also seen in the snow day video as he slid down an ice-covered hill. He also enjoyed making and throwing snowballs in the background for most of the clip.

Check out the Teen Mom family’s fun day below.

Maci keeps sharing things that matter

Maci is often seen as one of the more boring Teen Mom stars and rightfully so. Despite having plenty of drama in the past with ex Ryan Edwards, she and Taylor McKinney have been happily moving forward for quite some time now.

The Teen Mom couple regularly shares moments that they are proud of, especially involving their kids. Maci and Taylor rarely have any drama, more often showing off just how happy and successful their family has been.

And while that’s not juicy and attention-grabbing like many of their co-stars, we can’t help but love Maci and Taylor’s wholesomeness and their dedication to family. The McKinneys share quite a few of their family adventures and it’s always a treat to get to watch.

Maci often shares videos from their kids’ wrestling matches, family trips and just fun days that they have together.

They’ve done quite a bit to celebrate and enjoy the winter months. Today’s snow day is another video that the McKinney family can be proud of and it looked like a whole lot of fun!