Luis Ruelas caught in hot mic moment as RHONJ viewers sound off

RHONJ star Luis Ruelas
Luis Ruelas is in hot water after hot mic moment. Pic credit: Bravo

The Tre huggers are a little quiet today after a hot mic moment in last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey showed Luis Ruelas in an unflattering light.

Right now, Melissa and Joe Gorga are probably smirking since they seem to have won this round of the ongoing battle with Teresa Giudice and Luis.

The couple has expressed that Luis is not the peacemaker he appears to be on camera, reasoning that since he came into Teresa’s life, their family dynamic has gotten worse.

A clip from last night seemed to back up those sentiments, and now it’s all anyone can talk about.

While we’re all sick of hearing about the wedding drama, we perked up a bit more last night when Luis made a major slip-up, which was caught on camera.

Teresa tried to get ahold of the situation after Luis said something he shouldn’t have, but alas, it was too late.

Although the moment was filmed, they were probably hoping that the editors would cut that scene, but they did no such thing, and someone deserves a raise for that!

Luis Ruelas caught in a hot mic moment with Teresa Giudice

If you didn’t watch last night’s episode of RHONJ, first of all, how dare you, and second of all, you missed an intense scene that left us gagging.

The wedding festivities continued to play out, and during one scene, Teresa was in the car with her two youngest daughters when Luis called to discuss another wedding event.

The New Jersey businessman didn’t know that Teresa and the kids were filming, so while she had him on speakerphone, he told her that he planned to invite all her castmates and their husbands.

However, he made it very clear that two people were not invited.

“Just put the invite out to all of them except Melissa and Joe,” said Luis in the scene. “I’m not inviting them.”

Teresa had a look of horror on her face as she told Luis, “You know the camera’s on, we’re filming.”

That’s when Luis realized he had messed up and instantly responded, “Oh s**t!”

OMG! First, let’s insert the shocked face emoji, then the exploding head emoji, then the facepalm emoji…ALL THE EMOJIS! That was an epic moment.

RHONJ viewers sound off on Luis Ruelas’ hot mic moment

Not surprisingly, after that scene played out last night, viewers had a lot to say about it.

Those in support of Joe and Melissa felt vindicated in their feelings about Luis, but don’t think for a second that the Tre huggers didn’t have a comeback as they continue to defend the OG.

One person wrote, “REALLY makes you questions [Luis’s] good guy act. When the cameras aren’t rolling he clearly is instigating Teresa in the exclusion of Joe and Melisa.”

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas comments
Pic credit: @queensofbravo/Instagram

Another viewer commented, “When is everyone going to wake up and see that Luis does have a part in this newer separation?”

“Luis is the reason behind why they can’t reconcile. He’s fueling their divide to isolate her from her only family,” reasoned someone else.

Luis Ruelas comments
Pic credit: @queensofbravo/Instagram

However, Teresa’s defenders came in strong, with one person saying, “Easy explanation, they were DONE extending the olive branch at the Gorgas at that point after so many rejections.”

Luis Ruelas comments
Pic credit: @queensofbravo/Instagram

Another supporter added, “Why would Tre want to invite Melissa and Joey to a happy event when anytime they’re all together it’s a mess?”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Patt McCrae
Patt McCrae
11 months ago

I don’t buy that they were done with the drama at all he always tries to play The Peacemaker but apparently he’s not shame on him he got caught that’s why he made the comment oh s***. He’s not Mister wonderful as everybody thinks wake up people smell the coffee and shame on Teresa her brother Joe was blood he’s not and yes Teresa blood may be difficult to clean but it runs deep in your veins in the previous for next week he says how he wants to take her out of the snake pit let’s face it folks he screwed up he knows he did and I was going to try and cover it up he’s not Mr Wonderful by any means in my opinion he’s a rat