LPBW viewers urge Tori Roloff to make amends with father-in-law Matt Roloff

Tori and Matt Roloff TLC confessionals
Little People, Big World viewers think Tori should make amends with Matt. Pic credit: TLC

Season 24 of Little People, Big World revealed the broken relationships among the Roloff family.

When Matt Roloff couldn’t agree with his sons, Zach and Jeremy, to purchase the north side of the farm, tensions rose.

Jeremy and his family no longer appear on the show, but Zach, his wife Tori Roloff, and their three kids, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah, are still part of the cast. Therefore, Little People Big World viewers watched as Zach and Matt’s relationship deteriorated.

Not only did Matt and Zach grow apart, but so did Matt and Tori. Because of their strained relationship, Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, didn’t see Zach and Tori’s kids as often, especially after they moved from Oregon to Washington.

Following the end of Season 24, Tori has continued to stay active on Instagram, where she frequently shares her day-to-day activities with her 1.9 million followers.

During a recent “get ready with me” video on Instagram, Tori showed her fans and followers what makeup she uses on a typical day and took them along for a beauty tutorial.

However, some Little People Big World viewers took Tori’s video as an opportunity to tell her they disapprove of her actions when it comes to the way she’s treated her father-in-law, Matt.

Little People, Big World viewers beg Tori Roloff to reconcile with Matt Roloff

In the comments section, some of Tori’s followers sounded off.

“Did you make up with your father-in-law yet just remember he’s not getting younger every day you guys got to stop treating him like s***,” wrote one of Tori’s critics.

LPBW viewers beg Tori to reconcile with Matt on Instagram
Pic credit: @toriroloff/Instagram

Another disparager aimed another insult at Tori, writing, “I used to have respect for you, but seeing how you withheld your children from people they love made me lose it all,” before accusing Tori of emotional abuse.

“Should not treat Matt the way you’d been,” penned another critic.

Little People, Big World viewers blamed Tori’s ‘bitterness’ for Zach and Matt’s strained relationship

This isn’t the first time Tori has come under fire by Little People Big World viewers who feel that she’s to blame for damaging Zach’s relationship with his father.

After Tori made comments during an episode of Little People Big World about wishing that Roloff Farms would “go away” and stop being “dangled” in front of everyone, her critics slammed her, labeling her bitter and calling it unhealthy to hold a grudge.

In Matt’s opinion, Zach and Tori have wrongfully placed a lot of the blame on Caryn. During another episode of Little People, Big World, Matt expressed that Zach and Tori should show Caryn some respect, noting that she’s on their “team.”

Now that Zach, Tori, and their kids live nearly an hour’s drive from Matt and Caryn, their physical distance has put further strain on their relationship. But it doesn’t seem as though Tori and Zach are upset about it as they continue to raise their family without engaging in all of the Roloff family drama.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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