LPBW viewers blame ‘bitter’ Tori Roloff for hurting Zach’s relationship with his dad Matt Roloff

Tori Roloff is under fire
LPBW viewers think Tori is responsible for Zach’s tensions with his dad, Matt. Pic credit: TLC

Tori Roloff is under fire by Little People, Big World viewers who think she’s “bitter” and responsible for Zach Roloff’s fractured relationship with his father, Matt Roloff.

Zach and Matt Roloff couldn’t come to an agreement to purchase the north side of Roloff Farms, and ever since, their father-son relationship has never been the same.

As a result, Zach’s wife, Tori, and Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, are also on bad terms, causing a lot of friction between the couples and plenty of drama on LPBW.

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During Tuesday’s episode of LPBW, It’s Time for Plan B, viewers watched as Tori admitted that she didn’t feel the need to be part of pumpkin season and called Roloff Farms a “sad place” for her. Tori also noted the farm disappearing by Matt selling it wouldn’t repair the relationship between herself and Zach and Matt and Caryn.

“I would prefer for the farm to go away, yeah,” Tori confessed during one scene. “I think it would just be a lot easier on our family, personally, instead of it just still constantly being dangled in front of everyone.”

Following the episode, disgruntled LPBW viewers took to Twitter to express their frustration with Tori’s statements and attitude toward the Roloff family’s issues, labeling her as “bitter.”

LPBW viewers slam Tori Roloff as ‘bitter’ and blame her for Zach and Matt’s strained relationship

One such viewer, who expressed how “sick” they were of Tori’s “whining,” felt she wants the farm to disappear because negotiations didn’t work in her favor. “Grow up…” they tweeted, “and stop stirring up crap to keep the feud going.”

lpbw viewers call out tori roloff for ruining zach's relationship with his dad on twitter
Pic credit: @kathy_kmac/@TanyaTa026064/@cb_yellowjacket/Twitter

Another LPBW viewer called Tori’s behavior “out of line” and felt she is angry and is holding onto the past.

“Tori’s behavior is hurting the relationships between Zach and his father!” tweeted another one of Tori’s critics.

Another one of Tori’s disparagers pointed out that although visiting Roloff Farms is unhealthy for her, so is holding grudges, tweeting that Tori could help Zach “not to remain resentful toward something that is the foundation of his entire childhood.”

lpbw viewers call out tori roloff for ruining zach's relationship with his dad on twitter
Pic credit: @dogmom27/@KorinaLMoss/@ginar2008/Twitter

“Tori needs to let go of that bitterness,” voiced another viewer, who echoed others’ sentiments. “She is hurting Zach and his dad’s relationship.”

Zach Roloff regrets airing fallout with his dad on LPBW

This season has exposed the fallout between Zach and Matt. After watching it air on national television, however, Zach admitted that he regrets airing his family’s dirty laundry.

In an Instagram post last month, Zach was asked whether he was comfortable with the drama playing out on LPBW.

Zach expressed that he was “not okay with it,” adding, “It’s definitely expedited some things.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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