LPBW Spoilers: Matt unveils the log cabin, he and Caryn hang out with Amy and Chris on the farm

Matt and Caryn met up with Amy and Chris at the farm. Pic credit: TLC

Matt Roloff, the patriarch of Little People, Big World, unveiled his latest project on the farm and invited his ex-wife Amy and her fiance Chris to hang out with him and Caryn.

When Amy Roloff’s fiance, Chris Marek, had to call Matt about a technical question for the wedding, he brought up a prior invitation.

Matt was building his log cabin on the farm and promised Chris a visit once the project was complete.

Amy wasn’t too thrilled about the idea, however, but reluctantly agreed to tag along.

Amy and Chris met Matt and Caryn on the farm

Chris was impressed with Matt’s log cabin and Caryn stated how proud she was of Matt for making another dream come to life. Amy, on the other hand, seemed disinterested and swore she’d never use the log cabin herself.

The two couples sat around a small fire and talked about their plans for the summer and for Amy and Chris’s impending wedding.

Zach and Tori showed up with their kids, Jackson and Lilah, and their dog Murphy in tow.

Zach confessed, “I think my mom, Chris, my dad, and Caryn, they’re all getting along.”

“They’re all adults. They’re all mature,” Zach added, speaking of his parents and their significant others. “And I think they found some common ground.”

Zach admitted his parents aren’t best friends

They found common ground, quite literally, when they all gathered around the fire — not all as willingly as others, however.

Zach added, “I don’t think they’re best friends, by any means, but they can…hang out together.”

Zach also touched on the fact that it takes a lot of effort from everyone to keep their family together, now that his parents are divorced.

“Keeping families together does take a lot of effort, putting aside your own ego and stuff like that to do what’s best for the team,” Zach told the cameras during his confessional.

Amy and Matt have made strides in their relationship

Although Matt and Amy have worked towards being civil to each other, it doesn’t mean they’re looking forward to spending more time together.

Amy didn’t look so thrilled about joining her ex-husband and his girlfriend for a fireside chat. Many LPBW fans have said that Amy is bitter and holds onto the past.

One other relationship that has garnered the attention of LPBW fans and seems genuine is the one between Matt and Chris. The guys have such great chemistry that some LPBW fans said they have more chemistry with each other than either does with Caryn or Amy.

The Season 22 finale of Little People, Big World airs on August 10 at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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