LPBW spoiler: Zach Roloff doesn’t plan on Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler meeting his son Josiah

Zach Roloff on LPBW
Zach isn’t planning on Caryn meeting his and Tori’s newest bundle of joy. Pic credit: TLC

This season on Little People, Big World, Zach and Tori Roloff welcome their third child, Josiah, but Zach doesn’t have any plans to introduce him to his dad’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Tori and Zach, along with their two eldest kids, Jackson and Lilah, became a family of five on April 30 when they welcomed Josiah Luke.

Now in its 24th season on TLC, LPBW has documented Josiah’s birth. In the second episode of the season, Zach reveals that the tiff between himself, his dad Matt Roloff, and Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn is still very much alive and continues to affect seeing the kids.

In a new preview clip from Tuesday’s episode, Zach opens up about which family members have met Josiah.

“Pretty much all of my immediate family has met Josiah now,” Zach reveals.

However, Zach drops a bomb when he admits, “My mom, my dad, and my siblings, but we don’t have plans for Caryn to meet Josiah.”

LPBW spoiler: Zach Roloff doesn’t plan for Caryn to meet Josiah

Zach believes that Caryn and Matt haven’t done enough to recognize their part in the tensions between them.

“There still hasn’t been any recognization from Caryn or my dad, like they still think they did nothing wrong,” Zach adds. And although Caryn is at fault in Zach’s mind, it’s his dad, Matt, who he finds responsible.

“My dad put her in a situation where it’s like, you got into a family business here where it’s going to be different if someone rubs you the wrong way. I hold my dad responsible for that breakdown in the relationship,” Zach adds.

For her part, Zach’s wife Tori says she doesn’t “deny” Matt or Caryn but noted that whenever adults don’t get along, and there are kids involved, “the relationship with the kid is going to suffer.”

Zach and Matt Roloff’s strained relationship over the sale of the farm

Zach and Tori’s strained relationship with Matt and Caryn began after they couldn’t come to an agreement about purchasing the north side of the farm. Zach and Tori put their hat in the ring, but it ended on bad terms, with Zach accusing Matt of saying he and Tori weren’t capable of running the farm.

Off camera, the tensions continued – Zach called out Matt on Instagram, accusing his dad of “manipulating the narrative right before the season comes out.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Moreland Kathy
Moreland Kathy
1 year ago

I don’t blame Zack , Caryn should have no involvement what so ever with the farm or with Matt and his kids . She butts in and puts her two cents in everything. Good for Zack!!