LPBW: Here’s how pumpkin season at Roloff Farms will be different with the north side up for sale

LPBW couple Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler
Will pumpkin season at Roloff Farms be different this year since Matt listed the north side of the farm for sale? Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

Since Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff listed the north side of Roloff Farms for sale this year, curious fans have wondered if and how that will change pumpkin season.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Matt listed 16 acres of the farm for sale in May 2022, citing that it was “time to move toward the next season of life.”

The move shocked many LPBW viewers since the north side of the farm includes the farmhouse where Matt and his ex-wife Amy Roloff raised their four kids, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob.

After Amy moved out of the farmhouse and into her own home with her husband, Chris Marek, Matt engaged in negotiations with his eldest sons, twin brothers Jeremy and Zach. However, neither Jeremy nor Zach could reach an amicable agreement with their dad. In fact, things went south, causing tension among the Roloff family.

Roloff Farms is known not only for filming the hit TLC series LPBW but also for its famous and profitable pumpkin season, which kicks off next month. With its sprawling 100+ acres, Roloff Farms receives around 30,000 visitors annually for pumpkin season, and it’s the farm’s biggest money maker.

With pumpkin season right around the corner, Roloff Farms recently held a Q&A on their Instagram Stories, answering curious fans’ questions about the future of the popular event.

How will pumpkin season be different at Roloff Farms this year?

One curious visitor wanted to know how different this year’s pumpkin season will be since the property is divided with the sale of the north side.

roloff farms answered questions from curious pumpkin season attendees on IG
Pic credit: @rolofffarms/Instagram

“Not very different at all because the other side hasn’t sold yet!” read the answer from Roloff Farms. The property, which includes the farmhouse and other amenities such as the big red barn offices, a pool, a castle, and Old Western Town, is still listed for a whopping $4 million on

When visiting pumpkin season at Roloff Farms, many of the visitors attend with the hope that they’ll get to meet some of LPBW’s cast members. When another fan asked, “Do we get to meet y’all?” the farm answered, “Yes!” along with a photo of Jacob watering the sunflower garden.

Curious LPBW fans wonder which Roloff family members will appear for 2022 pumpkin season

Specifically, one fan wanted to know, “Will we get to meet matt?”

roloff farms answered questions from curious pumpkin season attendees on IG
Pic credit: @rolofffarms/Instagram

Along with a photo of Matt emphatically posing for the camera from one of his UTVs, they answered, “You just might, you never know!”

Many of the Roloff family members have taken turns with different duties on the farm during pumpkin season. Amy, dubbed “the face of pumpkin season,” typically dresses up in costumes each weekend to greet visitors, and previously, Zach handled the guided tours. Last year, LPBW viewers watched as Amy’s husband Chris trained to be a tour guide as well.

“Who all is gonna be around this season?” asked another curious visitor. According to Roloff Farms, “We recommend coming to find out! It’s different every year!”

With so much tension between Matt and his family, it’ll be a surprise to see which of the Roloff siblings show up to help with pumpkin season for 2022.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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