LPBW fans think Audrey Roloff’s success is due to TV fame, not hard work

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff
LPBW fans didn’t give Audrey much credit when it comes to her professional success. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff earns a living as a social media influencer, but viewers think her fame from appearing on a reality TV show is responsible for her success.

As Monsters & Critics recently reported, Audrey and her husband Jeremy Roloff, along with their kids Ember, Bode, and Radley, headed to Hawaii for an all-expenses-paid trip.

Audrey Roloff earns all-expenses-paid family vacation to Hawaii

Audrey earned the trip to the 2022 Diamond Retreat as a Brand Ambassador for Young Living Essential Oils. Since quitting filming for LPBW, Audrey has earned an income as a social media influencer, promoting Young Living as well as other products she and her family use often.

Audrey and her fellow Young Living ambassadors earned the trip to the high-end Westin Maui Resort & Spa in Maui through their hustle online.

However, LPBW fans think much of Audrey’s success can be attributed to the fame and recognition she gained from her association with Little People, Big World on TLC.

In a post on Reddit, one LPBW fan shared a screenshot of one of Audrey’s recent Instagram Stories, in which she expressed her gratitude for Young Living and the opportunities it has offered her.

LPBW viewers question root of Audrey’s success

The post, titled “Auj you got your large downline because of [your] TLC fame you will say it was hard work but was it really,” got other LPBW viewers talking about what has attributed to Audrey’s success.

“She’s ok with pyramid schemes….cool,” wrote one Redditor. “This sounds exactly like the spiel your friend gives you when they join Amway….?? ‘so many blessings… uplifting other girlbosses …freedom to work your own schedule blah blah blah’…”

Another Redditor felt that Audrey misuses the term “small business” and commented, “An MLM is not your own small business.”

redditors and lpbw fans threw shade at audrey roloff for earning a trip to hawaii
Pic credit: u/savejenni/Reddit

More LPBW viewers took to the comments on the Reddit post, where another mocked Audrey: “Whatever happened to her college degree? Good thing she married J, without LPBW she would just be another washed up collegiate runner working a 9-5.”

One Redditor gave Audrey credit for her hard work despite previously filming for LPBW and felt that her fame doesn’t deserve all of the credit for her success as a Young Living ambassador.

Their comment read, “I think she got an initial boost from being on the show, but I don’t think she got to diamond and stayed at diamond due to LPBW fans.”

Jeremy and Audrey stepped away from filming LPBW in 2018. Earlier this year, Jeremy reinforced to his fans why they made the decision to stop filming.

“It’s become that athlete that just won’t hang up the cleats, so he’s doing damage to the team and injuring himself in the process,” Jeremy told his fans during an Instagram Q&A.

Jeremy seemingly took a shot at the rest of the Roloff family who still films when he added, “Audrey and I had other things we wanted to do besides fabricating drama on tv.”

Little People, Big World returns for Season 23 on May 17 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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