LPBW: Caryn Chandler’s son Connor opens up about heated custody battle over 2-year-old son

Caryn’s son, Connor, is in the midst of a messy custody battle. Pic credit: Discovery+

Connor Chandler, the son of Little People, Big World star Caryn Chandler, is embroiled in a messy custody battle concerning his son, Liam.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Liam Joseph Chandler was born on August 22, 2021, and is currently 2 years old.

Although Liam’s arrival was a happy moment for the family, the months following his birth have been anything but.

The toddler’s father, Connor, recently spoke with The Sun and revealed that he only saw Liam for minutes at a time during six months of his custody battle with Liam’s mother, Ashley Washam.

Connor told the outlet that he and Ashley have had a rough year, but they’re trying to work through their issues. The new dad also said that his and Ashley’s relationship ended due to disagreements over how to parent Liam.

Allegedly, Connor was told he couldn’t see Liam any longer in part due to his struggles with mental health and a past addiction to Xanax.

Caryn Chandler’s son Connor says he only saw his son Liam for minutes at a time for a six-month period

Connor claimed that he was kept away from his son for six months, and it was admittedly a rough time for him. During that time, Connor claims that he only saw Liam for five minutes, one or two times throughout those six months, when he got home from work.

“That was really hard, you know, a lot of staying up late at night, a lot of tears, and a lot of confusion,” Connor said.

Connor told The Sun that he’s now clean and is working on “feeling better mentally and physically.”

“So going through that was a struggle for me and I just had to really focus on like how to be okay,” Connor added. “And it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through.”

Connor also said that Ashley allowed his mom, Caryn Chandler, to see Liam during that time, although she requested that Connor not spend any time with his son amid their messy split.

As Caryn mentioned during an episode of Little People, Big World in Season 24, she watched her grandson, Liam, on Fridays.

LPBW star Caryn Chandler has ‘stayed out of’ Connor’s custody battle with his ex-girlfriend

So, how did Caryn deal with the tension between her son and Ashley? According to Connor, she mostly stayed out of it.

“My mom doesn’t work well with conflict, she just avoids any conflict,” Connor said of Caryn. “So when Ashley and I couldn’t come to an agreement with Liam, she kind of just stayed out of it, which I respect.”

Connor noted that while Caryn was watching Liam, she would allow his father to see him for a few seconds while walking the baby to the car to take him home.

The distance from his son caused Connor’s depression to deepen, so he reached out for help.

Connor and Ashley are doing ‘really good’ since he has worked on his mental health

With the assistance of a therapist, a counselor, and medication, Connor was able to work through his emotional turmoil.

“It’s been going great,” he said, adding that he and Ashley have also made strides in their relationship.

Connor says that Ashley is willing to give him 50 percent custody and they’re working on a legal plan.

“Right now we’re doing really good, we’re on the same page,” Connor said of his relationship with Liam’s mom, Ashley.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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