LPBW: Audrey Roloff shares how she and Jeremy keep their marriage ‘exciting’

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff snap an Instagram selfie in April 2021
Audrey and Jeremy keep their marriage strong nearly nine years after tying the knot. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World alums Audrey and Jeremy Roloff‘s marriage is still going strong after nearly nine years.

Audrey and Jeremy chose to step away from sharing their personal lives with TLC’s cameras in 2018, but they still share plenty on social media.

Recently, Audrey answered some questions from her 1.6 million Instagram followers through a Q&A.

Audrey recorded her answers from her and Jeremy’s Oregon home as she chatted with her curious fans.

One follower asked Audrey how she and Jeremy manage to keep their conversations “exciting” after so many years together.

To begin, Audrey told her followers that she and Jeremy recently chatted for an hour and a half and noted, “One of the things that’s really helped us have, like, deep, rich, meaningful conversations in our marriage is just individual desires to grow.”

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff talks keeping marriage to Jeremy Roloff ‘exciting’

Audrey said there are “always things that we want to bring to each other that we’re processing or learning.” She added, “I would say your own individual growth is a very key determinant to those conversations being exciting and meaningful and growing.”

Another follower wanted to know something that Audrey and Jeremy are currently working on in their marriage. Noting that their intellectual, physical, and spiritual connections are strong, she admitted that they struggle to connect emotionally, but it’s something they’re working on repairing in their relationship.

Audrey and Jeremy tied the knot in September 2014 after just a months-long engagement. Jeremy popped the question in March 2014, two years after they began dating.

Audrey and Jeremy offer marriage advice on TLC

Like the rest of the Roloff kids, Audrey and Jeremy got married at Roloff Farms. A year and a half after their wedding, the couple sat down with TLC to record a Digital Exclusive, seen below, offering their marriage advice.

At the time, Jeremy noted that it was “very different” being husband and wife but that they were “loving” it. He added that they felt prepared for marriage heading into it, and they “jumped the hurdles pretty effortlessly,” as Audrey agreed.

“One big thing I always say to people that are kind of on the getting-married side – like engaged or entering into a new season – is put just as much emphasis on preparing for your marriage as you would on preparing for your wedding,” Audrey added as her words of advice.

Audrey and Jeremy encourage intentional marriages with Beating 50 Percent

Jeremy and Audrey have made a commitment to themselves and have shared their advice with their millions of fans and followers. On their website, Beating 50 Percent, they sell marriage and anniversary journals where couples can document their favorite moments focused around six questions for a “more connected relationship.”

The journal features a weekly calendar for couples to plan to connect ahead of time and includes conversation sparkers and journals for each spouse to take turns writing each week.

Their Marriage Journal retails for $32, their New York Times best-selling book, A Love Letter Life, is $26.99, and their Memories of Us – An Anniversary Journal is $70.

Audrey and Jeremy also share three children: their 5-year-old daughter, Ember, and their sons, Bode, 3, and Radley, 1.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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