LPBW: Amy Roloff is taking better care of herself after allowing the pandemic to ‘get the best’ of her

LPBW matriarch Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff is focusing on her health again after allowing the pandemic to “get the best” of her. Pic credit: Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen/YouTube

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is focusing on her health once again after she says the pandemic put a pause on taking care of herself.

Like most people, Amy has felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s affected her in its own way.

The 57-year-old reality TV star recently shared a message about getting back on track when it comes to her health.

In her carousel post, Amy included a series of photos of herself and her BFF, Deb, who most LPBW viewers know from the show. In the pics, the longtime friends took walks which were recorded with an app detailing their distance, time, and pace.

According to Amy, she and Deb have been walking together to get in some cardio. Amy talked about her life since the pandemic hit and elaborated on her fitness journey with Deb.

Amy Roloff tells LPBW fans the pandemic ‘got the best’ of her, working on taking care of herself again

“Well, after 2 plus years of this ‘pandemic’ and allowing it to get the best of me, I’ve decided I need to, once again, take a little more care of me. I felt stuck. I didn’t really know what to do. I needed a mission but felt lost. Lord what do I do now?” Amy began her caption.

Although the past two years have been tough on everyone, Amy made sure to point out the good in her life before getting into detail about her newfound walking routine with Deb.

“I know these last two years were tough for many of you as well, in different ways,” Amy continued. “But I’m grateful to have Chris in my life, getting married, a fabulous friend and business partner (Lisa) , friends in my life and Debi here who is rooting me on this journey of getting back to a healthier me in the mist of my love for cooking/baking.”

Amy explained that Deb can walk much faster but is thoughtful enough to slow down her pace to keep up with Amy. The LPBW star continued to describe what she’s learned amid the pandemic.

“I’m thankful. If these past 2 plus years showed me anything is this- own your life because it is a gift, own your choices, own your mistakes, own your success,” Amy wrote. “In turn be thankful, forgiving, keep hope alive, giving, keep on loving, show a little grace and mercy, say your sorry and mean it and don’t take everything so darn personally.”

Amy thanks BFF Deb for encouraging her, reminds fans to be grateful

Amy acknowledged that she is less than perfect, as is everyone, but reminded her followers to look for the positive in situations and be thankful for the good in their lives.

“No one is perfect – that means me as well as you. We will make mistakes. I’m doing my best. Like yourself. I like me. I know I need to get back on track and I’m grateful I can,” Amy continued. “So thank you friends – hopefully you’ll cheer me on – I need to get back on track to a healthier me. I’ll let you know how I do. Thanks Debi for letting me walk with you, pushing myself, knowing you could go at a little faster pace.”

Amy concluded her message to her fans, “Never give up on you, your family, your friends and most importantly don’t give up on faith in Jesus and God. He knows, He cares, He loves you then, now, forever. This is what has been on my heart ?♥️???.”

Amy will return with the rest of the Roloff family next month when LPBW returns for its 23rd season. The long-running show has been a hit on TLC, as Amy’s ex Matt Roloff recently brought to his fans’ attention.

In a post ahead of the premiere of Season 23 of LPBW, Matt pointed out that the show has amassed over 1 billion viewer hours since it first aired in 2006.

Season 23 of Little People, Big World returns on Tuesday, May 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC and Discovery+.

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