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LPBW alum Audrey Roloff suggests Matt Roloff misled son Jeremy about buying the farm

LPBW alums Audrey and Jeremy Roloff
Audrey and Jeremy don’t feel they need to say any more about why they didn’t buy Roloff Farms. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World alums Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s dream has been to raise their family on Roloff Farms. But negotiations fell through, and now Audrey is sharing the details.

This season on LPBW, viewers have watched tensions rise between Matt Roloff and his son Zach. Zach and Tori put in an offer to buy the farm, but things went south during negotiations.

Jeremy and his twin brother Zach both had dreams of living on the farm someday or at least having it be a part of their adult lives somehow. But according to Audrey, the Roloff family had other plans and misled their kids about the future of the farm.

Audrey held an Instagram Stories Q&A this week and a familiar question popped up in her question box: “Why didn’t you buy Roloff farms?”

Including a pic of her husband Jeremy with their daughter Ember on his shoulders at the farm, Audrey provided a lengthy response, explaining what happened when she and Jeremy put in their offer to purchase the farm.

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff suggests Matt Roloff misled son Jeremy about buying the farm

“We tried to [buy the farm] back in May of 2020,” Audrey began her response, providing a link to the podcast episode in which she and Jeremy discussed the topic. She added, “In short, Jer had hoped to take over his parents’ farm (or a portion of it) since he was a child. It was something he was lead to believe was possible.”

audrey roloff talks not buying the farm with fans on IG
Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Audrey continued, detailing how Jeremy made his intentions very clear about living on the farm, both at home and on the show for millions of viewers to witness. When Jeremy and Audrey got married, living on the farm became their shared dream, which they also shared publicly on the show (before they quit filming), in their book, and on social media.

Next, Audrey says, when she and Jeremy were finally ready to make their offer, Jeremy’s family wasn’t on the same page.

“We realized that Jer’s family was not actually as aligned in the progression towards us acquiring it as we thought they were,” Audrey said, adding, “Every year since we got married there has been this threat of having to sell the farm if….XYZ… As you have maybe noticed with Jer’s family, things can be a little complicated.”

Audrey and Jeremy had a special connection to the farm because it’s where they met, where they fell in love, and where they tied the knot.

audrey roloff talks not buying the farm with fans on IG
Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Although Audrey and Jeremy refer to their fallout as the “death of a dream,” the LPBW alums realize now that it’s opened other opportunities for them to explore.

Audrey hints at more tension among the Roloff family

Before ending her Q&A, Audrey told her 1.6 million Instagram followers that there is “so so much context missing and an entire side of the story that nobody has really heard because we don’t feel like it’s appropriate or would be disrespectful.”

Although she went into detail with her answers, Audrey says that she and Jeremy are done talking about it, at least for now: “I thought I would address it a little more in a way that I feel is ‘enough.’ At this point we don’t feel the need to say anymore on it.”

You can listen to Audrey and Jeremy’s podcast episode in which they talk about the “death of their dream” here.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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