LPBW alum Audrey Roloff shares how she feels about being approached in public places

Audrey and Jeremy snap a Disney selfie in IG Stories
Audrey and Jeremy recently enjoyed a trip to Disneyland with their kids, Ember and Bode. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Audrey Roloff may not have appeared on Little People, Big World, for several years, but she still gets plenty of recognition in public.

Audrey and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, quit filming for LPBW in 2018, shortly after the arrival of their first child, daughter Ember.

In an Instagram post dated July 2018, Jeremy explained that he and Audrey were swapping filming for TLC for other “exciting stuff in the works.”

Since then, Audrey and Jeremy have maintained a large following on Instagram — Audrey has 1.6 million followers, while Jeremy boasts 960,000.

Audrey still shares much of her and Jeremy’s personal life with their fans. Recently, Audrey and Jeremy, along with their two eldest children, Ember and Bode, enjoyed a trip to Disneyland.

Following their trip, Audrey answered some questions in an Instagram Story Q&A.

Audrey Roloff talks about being approached by LPBW fans in public

One of Audrey’s curious fans wanted to know whether she gets recognized in public places, especially a popular theme park like Disneyland.

Along with a selfie of herself and Ember, Audrey explained, “In places like this people come up to us more.”

Audrey noted that she and her family were likely less recognizable since they were bundled up in jackets with hoods due to the rainy weather.

The former TLC star explained that she and her family enjoy being approached by fans.

audrey roloff talks about being approached in public in her Instagram story
Audrey dished on being approached in public. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

“But we love meeting you guys,” Audrey added. However, 5-year-old Ember is just now recognizing that her parents are famous from their time on reality TV.

“I think it was the first time Ember started to find it a little odd that people knew her…” Audrey continued. “I have mixed feelings about that.”

Jeremy Roloff shares his ‘VIP’ experience at Disneyland as a child

Something that Audrey’s husband, Jeremy, has adjusted to is having to wait in lines. Audrey recorded Jeremy explaining that during his childhood, because of his parents’ fame from LPBW, he was given special treatment.

“I just remember growing up, we would never wait in a single line,” Jeremy said. “We’d just go straight to the front, or we’d be escorted around by Disneyland like VIPs or security or something.”

Jeremy added that because of his parents’ dwarfism, coupled with the fact that they were filming for LPBW at the time, he and his siblings, Zach, Molly, and Jacob, were able to enter rides through exits or back alleyways.

Audrey and Jeremy surprised their kids with the news of a trip to Disneyland

Audrey and Jeremy’s youngest child, 1-year-old son Radley, stayed back in Oregon while his parents and siblings traveled to California.

Audrey and Jeremy surprised their kids with the news of their Disneyland trip, bringing some multi-colored Mickey Mouse-shaped balloons for the announcement. Audrey shared their reactions on Instagram in a Reel last month.

Audrey captioned the post in part, “Telling our kids we’re are taking them to Disneyland for the first time!?,” noting that although Ember was “ecstatic” to meet some Disney princesses, her little brother Bode was more interested in playing with the balloons.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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