Love Island USA’s Olivia Kaiser lashes out at people judging her on Instagram

Olivia Kaiser from Love Island USA
Olivia Kaiser from Love Island USA responds to her critics. Pic credit: @oliviaannkaiser/Instagram

When someone becomes famous as a reality television star on a show like Love Island USA, some positives accompany it, but there are also a lot of negatives.

While the reality TV show can bring someone a lot of fans, and that can help a person make a solid living on social media, it also opens the door for trolls.

People love to get onto reality stars’ social media pages and send messages of hate, judgments, and otherwise bad behavior.

The winner of Love Island USA Season 3, Olivia Kaiser, is learning that firsthand.

While Olivia has always been big into facial cosmetics and changes, fans who just watched her on the show only know what they watched on television.

As a result, some people have made harsh and rude comments to Olivia under her posts and she has gotten tired of it.

Olivia bashes Love Island USA fans who are judging her

Olivia Kaiser took to Instagram Live and showed a video of her getting a new ear piercing, and with the video, she left a message in text over the screen.

There was even a rap song with some adult lyrics about not telling a person how to live.

Olivia wrote, “I’m sick of m************ tryna tell me how to live… Wack h*** hate under my pictures on the ‘Gram (… B****, you better hope I never run across your…”

Olivia Kaiser IG
Pic credit: @oliviaannkaiser/Instagram

This is nothing new.

Last month, a fan asked Olivia “why did u change so much of yourself after u got the 50k?”

This was almost a ridiculous question because it showed the fans had no idea who or what Olivia was about before she came onto the show.

Olivia responded with a video at the time:

“So, I get this question often,” Olivia began. “I’ve been in the beauty industry for eight years. I’ve always been into cosmetic enhancements. It’s always how I’ve been. The only difference is now I’m bringing a lot of people along to watch me do it. So, if you think that, I’m sorry.”

It seems things are still bad on her Instagram account, and she is speaking out again.

Fans bashing Olivia Kaiser on Instagram

On Olivia’s latest video, she posted her and a friend, and people started judging her appearance.

What’s odd about the criticism is that Olivia’s job is to make facial alterations on her customers. Telling her not to do it to herself is akin to saying that what she does for a living is wrong.

“Noooo.. stop with the lips… you are such a natural beauty,” one fan wrote. Another fan responded to that comment with, “I like her but the lips are getting Ridiculous.”

Olivia IG comments
Pic credit: @oliviaannkaiser/Instagram

A second fan on the same post wrote, “On the show you was not made up so much that was your beauty.”

Olivia IG comments
Pic credit: @oliviaannkaiser/Instagram

It seems that Olivia Kaiser is tired of people telling her how she should live and look and she is finally tired of holding back.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. You can relive the third season right now on Paramount+ streaming.

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