Love Island USA’s Cashay and Cinco break up, release statement to fans

Cashay and Cinco from Love Island USA
Cashay and Cinco from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Another Love Island USA couple have broken up. This time it was fan favorite couple Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland.

Out of all the couples on Love Island USA Season 3, Cashay and Cinco captured the public’s attention.

Cashay and Trina both vied for Cinco’s attention on Love Island USA, with Cinco leaving Cash for Trina. However, when he decided he might have been better off with Cashay, she wouldn’t take him back and Cinco went home.

Cashay ended up getting dumped by the man she moved on to, Charlie Lynch, and she immediately sought out Cinco and they rekindled their relationship outside the villa.

They celebrated Thanksgiving with Cinco’s family and Cashay recently said her mom was obsessed with him.

However, the couple couldn’t make their long-distance relationship last.

Love Island USA’s Cashay and Cinco break up

Cashay and Cinco announced their breakup separately on social media.

Both released a statement concerning their split on their Instagram Stories.

“HI guys. I want to announced that Cinco and I are no longer together,’ Cashay wrote. “I can’t begin to thank all the supporters for riding for us so hard during and after the show.”

“Please respect our privacy during this time, please don’t DM me that you’re sad bc obviously same. Break ups are hard and please PLEASE don’t make a bunch of sad edits ha. I love y’all,” she wrote.

Cashay IG
Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Cinco then took to his Instagram Stories to also send out a message.

“Hey. I wanted to let you guys know that me and Cash are no longer together anymore,” he wrote. “I really thank you guys for the support of us on and off of the show.”

“It means a lot and we hope that you can continue to support us separately. Relationships are hard and breakups are hard also. We hope that you guys can respect our privacy and our decision.”

Cinco IG
Pic credit: @thetough_cinco/Instagram

Only one Love Island USA Season 3 couple remains standing

With Cashay and Cinco breaking up, there is only one couple left from Love Island Season 3 still standing.

Josh and Shannon are all that is left, and the two are currently in Florida looking for a place to live as they plan to move on to the next stage of their relationship.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The reality dating show is currently casting for its fourth season and should return in the summer of 2022.

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