Love Island USA winners reveal who has the best chance of making it in the real world

Love Island USA OG girls
Love Island USA OG girls. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA Season 3 ended with Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy winning the $100,000.

The two then went to their separate homes, although they have plans to travel to see each other later this week and hope to build on their relationship.

The two spoke to ET Online about this season of Love Island USA and gave their thoughts on who had the best chance to staying together for the long-term out of the other couples in the villa.

Their choice was not any of the finalists.

Who has the best chance at sticking together after Love Island USA?

Olivia and Korey had the exact same pick as who they thought would last outside the villa.

“Definitely Josh and Shannon,” Olivia answered, with Korey responding with a “yeah.”

Olivia then explained a little more about what she sees in Shannon and Josh.

“We don’t know everything that’s happening right now outside of this, so I have some predictions,” she said. “Let’s just say she’s a bold lady. She goes after what she wants.”

Korey then pointed out another couple he sees bright things for.

“Wes and Aimee,” he said. “They’ve been hanging out, living their best lives.”

Olivia agreed.

“I’m obsessed with that,” she said. “When we got out, we were like, ‘What?!’ So it’s fun.”

Shannon and Josh revealed they are working on their relationship together outside the villa, although it took a backseat to help Josh’s family deal with the death of his sister Lindsey Goldstein, who died while they were at the villa.

Aimee and Wes have also been posting lots of photos together since leaving the villa, showing their relationship is growing in the real world.

Olivia and Korey after Love Island USA

Olivia and Korey have big plans together after leaving Love Island USA.

This includes meeting each other’s families and traveling to visit their homes. However, for now, they are back home.

In their Instagram Stories, Olivia revealed she is already back home in Scottsdale, Arizona. She hit up a med spa immediately upon her return to Arizona.

Korey also posted an Instagram Live showing his return home and showed his family had a welcome home sign waiting for him in his front yard that said “Welcome home Korey. What the freak.”

Olivia said she is heading to New York this Friday to meet with Korey and then they plan to start traveling together.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Re-live season three right now on Paramount+.

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