Love Island USA winner Olivia Kaiser has a message for her critics

Olivia Kaiser from Love Island USA
Olivia Kaiser from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA winner Olivia Kaiser has been hearing a lot of criticism from fans of the show.

Since winning, fans have started following her more on social media, and many claims she has changed since winning the money and the season of Love Island USA.

The problem is that the people only know her from how the reality TV show edited her and they don’t know anything about who Olivia is and what her life was like before coming on the show.

Olivia is getting tired of listening to the people bashing her and she has been clapping back lately.

Olivia Kaiser says Love Island USA fans don’t know the real her

Olivia Kaiser has insisted for the last two months that fans saying she has changed don’t know anything about who she really is.

Some fans point to her cosmetic changes to her face as “proof” she is changing and letting the success from Love Island USA go to her head.

Those fans seem the most misinformed in their opinions as Olivia owns a business that conducts cosmetic alterations to women’s faces. This is what Olivia does for a living and she has always been interested in the process.

Saying she is doing it because she is letting reality TV success go to her head shows ignorance of who Olivia was before she ever stepped foot in the villa.

Now fans are getting on her case for her strong will and personality.

Olivia isn’t hearing any of it.

Olivia Kaiser has a message for Love ISland USA criticism

Olivia Kaiser took her response to an Instagram post.

“Some would say, ‘you’re so full of yourself now,'” Olivia wrote. “I say, that girl, was once riddled with insecurities. With self-doubt. With demons that most would never go through or understand. With never feeling worthy or good enough for a man or herself for that matter.”

Olivia said on the show that she had trouble trusting and had come out of an abusive relationship. Now, she seems to be facing a new type of abuse – this time from Love Island USA fans.

“So yes, people will always talk and have good and bad things to say,” she continued. “But ‘that girl’ can FINALLY say, she is living a life to always be unapologetically true to her heart and mind. HAPPY and HEALTHY. SURE and STRONG.”

Olivia then finished with a message for other women who find other people judging how they should live.

“NEWS FLASH,” she concluded. “You can be a business women [sic], want your friends to win and at the same time feel yourself!!!! I am a women [sic] who has found herself and passion and purpose for life. So ya! ‘That girl’ is proud of the HARD WORK she has put in to become this BEST version of Olivia.”


Love Island USA is currently on hiatus but you can relive the third season on Paramount+ streaming.

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