Love Island USA Season 3 sees another breakup

Love Island USA cast partying
Love Island USA cast partying. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA Season 3 has been unique in that a lot of the main couples that left the show together are still together.

The strongest couple – Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair – are still going strong. Cinco and Cashay are still together, Korey and Olivia are still working on their relationship, and Will Moncada said he and Kyra Lizama are still committed to each other.

However, there was one couple that was surprising because it was a Season 3 cast member hooking up with a Season 2 Islander.

Leslie Golden and Bennett Sipes dated each other after she left the villa, but that has now come to an end.

Love Island USA’s Leslie Golden and Bennett Sipes

Leslie wasn’t successful on Love Island USA Season 3.

While she was one of the only Casa Amor additions to remain in the villa when she coupled with Korey Gandy, he left her and she ended up kicked off the show when she was caught with a dab pen.

However, Leslie didn’t need Love Island to be successful, as she was already a very successful social media influencer, with more followers than anyone who entered the villa.

Leslie Golden and Bennett Sipes went Instagram official and they even had photos from a double date with Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama.

However, it has now ended after just a few months of dating.

Leslie announced break up with Bennett on TikTok

In what should come as no surprise to anyone who follows Leslie Golden, she made the announcement via her social media channels.

Leslie went to TikTok to reveal she and Bennett broke up, and she said that it was just natural because she always changes her relationships on a regular basis.

“Well I’m single again,” Leslie said in her recent video on TikTok, “I feel like nobody’s really surprised because I change relationships like I change underwear.”

Leslie then said that she wanted to date a woman next.

“I very quickly realized that I think I’d just rather be with women,” Leslie said. She also said they dated for as long as they did because Bennett is “a great guy.”

Leslie went on to describe some of her and Bennett’s more intimate encounters but said those made her realize she wanted to be with a female partner when it comes to a romantic relationship.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Relive Season 3 right now on Paramount+ streaming.

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