Love Island USA reunion didn’t include Casa Amor girls

Kay Taylor from Love Island USA
Kay Taylor from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @itskaytaylor/Instagram

The Love Island USA Season 3 cast had a reunion in New York this weekend, but not everyone showed up.

There were some people who couldn’t make it, but there were some girls who were not invited.

Kay Taylor went to Instagram and said that the cast refused to invite any of the Casa Amor girls.

Kay Taylor lashes out at Love Island USA cast

Kay took to Instagram and talked about the reunion in New York City and how none of the Casa Amor girls were invited.

“Not us all having to go through the exact same casting/quarantine process and same emotional frustrations no matter how long we were in the villa to not be included,” Kay wrote in her Instagram Stories.

Kay said she would have preferred to go to Love Island USA as anything but a Casa Amor girl, but not inviting them to the New York City event still hurt.

“If one of the guys who I sat there and cried my eyes out to in the show spoke to me about what was going on I would know,” Kay said when a fan asked why she wasn’t invited.

“All I’ve been seeing was ‘Love Island reunion’ everywhere and the ‘ogs’ I follow have ben going hard to make it seem like that’s exactly what it is a reunion,” she continued. “I barely met cash I wouldn’t expect her to invite me to anything.”

From the sound of it, Kay expected the guys she spent time with to have invited her and the other Casa Amor girls.

The Casa Amor Girls from Love Island USA

The Casa Amor girls included Kay Taylor, Leslie Golden, Genny Shawcross, Florence Mueller, and Isabel Johnson.

These girls caused a lot of controversy, which was the purpose of Casa Amor on Love Island USA.

Genny and Shannon St. Clair had a blow-up and when they left the island their feud continued. Genny said Shannon kept saying bad things about her and Shannon accused Genny of saying Josh Goldstein used his sister Lindsey’s death for Instagram cred.

Leslie left the island early without a reason, although she said she wasn’t wanting the drama she walked into.

Florence is who Will Moncada made out with at Casa Amor, causing problems with him and Kyra Lizama.

Isabel fell hard for Korey Gandy, who ended up winning the show with Olivia Kaiser.

It is clear why the Love Island USA OGs wouldn’t want them there.

Kay was the only one who had no controversy at Casa Amor, but she was the one who spoke out about their omission.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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