Love Island USA: Florita reveals whether she and Jeremy have a relationship

Jeremy and Florita on Love Island USA
Jeremy and Florita on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

During the recent Love Island USA reunion in New York City, both Jeremy Hershberg and Bailey Marshall were there, but they didn’t show up in many videos together.

Not only that, but many people on social media have begun to suspect that Jeremy and Florita Diaz hooked up again outside the villa.

This would make little sense, as Florita said she would never date Jeremy in real life after seeing how he acted in the villa by watching Love Island USA episodes.

Despite this, the rumors have kicked up and Florita is now speaking out.

Florita on whether she hooked up with Jeremy after Love Island USA

The rumors hit when Florita and Jeremy were seen hugging happily on an Instagram Live video.

Fans wondered if Jeremy already moved on from Bailey.

Florita answered a question in another Instagram Live story and answered the speculation.

“For everyone asking, I’m in NY for the LI reunion,” Florita wrote, “I didn’t come here for Jeremy, I came for everyone! I had to come a day early and obviously I was going to see Javonny and Jeremy since they’re the only ones that are here at the moment.

“We’re all very close so just because I posted Jeremy on my stories doesn’t mean we’re together y’all. So everyone chill please lol.”

So, that pretty much shut the door on those rumors.

Are Bailey and Jeremy still together?

Bailey posted one photo on her Instagram regular account after leaving Love Island USA, and it was with Elly Steffen in New York City.

In her Instagram Stories, she also posted a series of pics of her “besties” and one photo had Jeremy.

As for Jeremy, all his Instagram Live videos were from the party at the Love Island USA reunion and a lot of selfies with fans of the show. However, there were no photos with Bailey and no videos outside of the party ones showing them together.

Instagram Live
Pic credit: @baymarshall/Instagam and floritadiaz_/Instagram

Bailey went to college in Arizona and lives in Portland. Jeremy lives in New York City. This would make it a long-distance relationship, and there is no telling if they will keep it up, or even if it is already over.

Regardless, Jeremy isn’t with Florita and might just be single again.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Re-live the third season on Paramount+, streaming right now.

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