Love Island USA 5 winners Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli react to claims about ‘game playing’

hannah wright and marco donatelli on love island usa 5
Love Island USA 5 winners Hannah and Marco addressed those claims they met before filming. Pic credit: Peacock

It’s been a week since Love Island USA crowned its Season 5 winners, as Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli won $100,000 to go with each other’s hearts.

Based on an update following the win, they’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend, with Hannah set to visit Marco and potentially move in with him.

So everyone’s happy now that they’re together, right? Not entirely, as some interesting rumors circulated from gossip accounts and fans of the show.

Hannah and Marco were revealed as America’s top vote-getters out of the final four couples of the season, finishing ahead of runner-ups Kassy Castillo and Leonardo Dionicio.

However, their journey to become winners didn’t come without some bumps in the road, including that Casa Amor twist and fans who doubted them as a legit couple that met on the show.

They recently addressed some Love Island viewers’ claims of “game playing” and “plotting to win” the season at the Fiji villa.

Hannah addresses those ‘plotting to win’ Love Island USA claims

“I just feel like people always have their opinion,” Hannah said, adding people have “their favorites of who they think should win” the show.

“I know it’s not true. So I could care less,” she said, also adding, “Like people say that we are plotting to win when we’ve just been ourselves the whole time.”

Hannah said Marco didn’t even know how the “money thing worked at the end” because he’d never watched the show before. At the end, an envelope is handed to someone featuring a cash prize inside.

She said due to that, winning the prize money was something that never was really on their minds. Instead, they focused on exploring their romantic connection.

It took them to the end of the season as they reached the final four with Kassy and Leo, Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen and Taylor Smith, as well as Carmen Kocourek and Kenzo Nudo.

Marco spoke about his romantic journey with Hannah

In speaking with Life & Style Magazine, Marco echoed the sentiments of his girlfriend, indicating that his “thick skin” allows him not to be bothered by that sort of speculation. He also indicated his romantic relationship with Hannah was legitimate.

“I would say just the journey throughout when I met her, just climbing that mountain together. When you climb a mountain, at some point you’re going to reach the top of the mountain. The only thing you can do is look us down,” Marco said.

“So, to see everything else in that process, unwind saying that we’re applying to win, they must’ve missed the fight to get to the top of the mountain, but all we can do right now is look down,” he shared.

During a Chicks in the Office interview (below), he also refuted the claims, bringing up how he lives in Ohio and she lives in Palm Springs. Marco also joked that they don’t belong to the same gym, a claim made about another couple possibly meeting in Arizona before Love Island USA.

Check out his and Hannah’s thoughts about the online rumors at the 26:30 mark in the video below.

Marco was at the Fiji villa from Day 1, with Hannah arriving just days later as a Bombshell, along with Carmen and a returning Bergie. Hannah and Marco hit it off and never parted ways as a couple during the season.

There was a test of their romantic connection, as Marco’s ex-girlfriend, Hannah Ortega, showed up for a date in a Casa Amor twist. Despite his ex’s arrival, Marco wasn’t swayed to retest things with her and welcomed Hannah back with open arms when they officially reunited.

Regarding their post-show plans, Hannah might move in with Marco in Florida as he pursues his physical therapy and chiropractic care education. Their top fans and supporters hope their romantic connection continues beyond their time filming Love Island USA.

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