Love Is Blind: Shaina Hurley is engaged after splitting from Kyle Abrams

Shaina Hurley of Love Is Blind is engaged after splitting from Kyle Abrams.
Love Is Blind Shaina Hurley is newly engaged. Pic credit: Netflix

Shaina Hurley became one of the most talked about cast members on Season 2 of Love Is Blind.

After connecting with Kyle Abrams while in the pods, she accepted his marriage proposal despite admitting she had a stronger relationship with Shayne Jansen. Ultimately, after deciding their differences were too much to handle, Shaina called it quits with Kyle.

Now, just weeks after the reunion episode was released, Shaina has announced she’s in a new relationship and the two are reportedly headed down the aisle.

Shaina goes Instagram official amid engagement rumors

Not long after fans of Love Is Blind tuned into the reunion special, Shaina made a huge announcement on her Instagram page.

She posted a series of photos while visiting Mykonos debuting her new relationship with a man named Christos Lardakis. According to People, a source close to the couple shared that they have been dating for nearly a year and are now engaged.

That same source also said, “He has stood by her side through all of the Love Is Blind drama and has been her steady in the storm.”

Shaina’s Instagram post shows the couple enjoying the views of Mykonos and being affectionate with one another. Her caption simply reads, “My ride or die forever.”

According to the source who spoke with People, the couple is planning to get married in Greece this summer.

What happened with Shaina and Kyle?

Shortly after Shaina and Kyle made a connection in the pods, they began to notice some cracks in their relationship.

Immediately after the couple left the pods, Shaina began having second thoughts about Kyle. Her doubts were so extreme that Shaina decided to call it quits before the two could even begin planning their wedding. She cited their opposing religious views as the main reason they wouldn’t work out.

Kyle expressed that his affection for Shaina stemmed from how much she reminded him of his mother. He even proposed by giving Shaina his mom’s wedding ring. He acknowledged they had some major differences, such as their beliefs and even the lifestyles they both had. However, he was sure that they could work it out.

Shaina did not exactly feel the same way as she believed it was crucial that they agreed on their core values. When Kyle asked why she accepted his proposal despite her feelings, Shaina responded by saying, “Honestly, looking back on it, I should have said no right away to you. 100 percent.”

She also told Kyle that she takes ownership for what happened between them and admits being honest from the start would have prevented a lot of their drama. Since the show aired, the two have remained cordial with one another, wishing each other the best in their future relationships.

Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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