Love Is Blind fans slam Clay for ‘immature’ and ‘superficial’ attitude

Clay is a Love is Blind contestant.
Clay is getting dragged on social media for LIB drama. Pic credit: Netflix

When you agree to star in a show like Love Is Blind, you’re supposed to throw shallow viewpoints out the window.

In Season 6, though, it appears not everyone got that memo.

Clay is rubbing viewers the wrong way based on some of the inappropriate things he’s said inside the pods.

After dating around with all the potential matches, he developed a genuine connection with AD.

Then, he made her extremely uncomfortable with some of the questions he asked regarding her physical appearance.

Now, social media users are slamming him online for being “immature“ and “superficial.”

Love Is Blind fan labels Clay ‘immature’

Redditors are dragging Clay online based on one of his unfortunate conversations with AD.

They’re accusing him of showcasing one too many red flags… and they’re hoping AD doesn’t try to finish out the show with him.

One person on Reddit wrote, “the way he talked to AD about going to the gym and staying fit after having a baby and ‘bouncing back’ was gross, i’m glad she told him he was being an a**hole.”

Someone else added, “I find him immature and superficial and not a good candidate for this show.”

A third user chimed in to write, “Any man can tell he’s a player. Period. You’re supposed to mature before getting married, not while you’re looking for your wife.”

Most viewers aren’t cool with how Clay has portrayed himself on camera thus far.

Clay, AD, and Matthew’s love triangle drama

Another reason Love Is Blind fans are so bothered by Clay revolves around a love triangle drama that unfolded between him, AD, and Matthew.

When AD first admitted she was also interested in Matthew, Clay’s reaction was super intense.

He started pacing around the pod in a way that looked incredibly off-putting.

Since AD couldn’t see him aggressively pacing the room, she had no idea how poorly he responded to the news.

Then, Clay went off on her, leaving her super emotional and uncomfortable.

After that, it seemed like his impulse to fight for AD’s attention stemmed from his desire to “win” against Matthew.

Redditors rant about Clay's behavior.
Redditors vent about Clay from LIB. Pic credit: Reddit

Getting married after participating in a show like Love Is Blind isn’t supposed to be motivated by winning a love triangle competition against someone else.

There’s still a chance for viewers to change their minds about Clay when the next few episodes of the show land on Netflix.

New episodes of Love Is Blind hit Netflix on Wednesdays.

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