Love in Paradise viewers slam Sherlon for his excuses for not being a good partner

Sherlon Mcinnis
Sherlon Mcinnis was the focus of a 90 Day Fiance meme calling him out. Pic credit: TLC

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean viewers finally got to hear Sherlon Mcinnis be honest with Aryanna Sierra about how he felt regarding their relationship.

90 Day fans have watched Aryanna struggle to get a commitment out of Sherlon, whom she conceived a baby with while on vacation.

During the last episode, Sherlon and his mother sat down with Ary and her mother to talk realistically about how they should move forward as parents and in their relationship.

After all three women pressed Sherlon to be honest and not hold back, he told his truth, but viewers found it strange.

36-year-old Sherlon said that a girl in high school broke his heart through cheating, and he became cold towards the idea of being a good man in relationships.

During her private interview, Ary blasted Sherlon’s excuse for not stepping up, and Love in Paradise fans were feeling her sentiments on this one.

Sherlon Mcinnis’s viewpoint turned into 90 Day Fiance meme

A popular 90 Day fan page on Instagram put Sherlon on blast through a meme.

They shared several still images from the episode featuring Sherlon while he was giving his monologue about not being good in relationships. The meme also had Ary and her mom’s facial expressions in still images as Sherlon spoke.

Above the first photo, the meme read, “When you really want to stop cheating on your baby mama and put your name on your baby’s birth certificate but your girlfriend cheated on you in [grade] 10 and now you’ll never love again.”

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean viewers slammed Sherlon Mcinnis

Other Love in Paradise critics weighed in in the comments of the meme post.

One person remarked, “The side eyes from everyone [laughing/crying emoji].”

Someone else joked about Sherlon’s strong opinions from last season that his and Ary’s son should have the Viking warrior name, Odin.

They jabbed, “Grow up u viking warrior [laughing/crying emoji].”

Instagram comments about Sherlon Mcinnis
Pic credit: @morebiggy/Instagram

Another person took aim at Ary for not recognizing Sherlon’s flighty signals. They said, “That chick cannot take a hint! He’s just not that into her.”

Yet another viewer agreed with the meme and added, “Right the worst excuse possible !! You are almost 40 thinking of this crap.. I just wish he would be honest and say he has somebody else.”

A different critic stated, “He just needs to say that he doesn’t want her [laughing/crying emoji] it’s way too clear and she’s begging now.”

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean airs Fridays on Discovery+.

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