Love in Paradise: The Caribbean recap: Ultima-tum-tums

Aryanna, Martine, and Amber
Some difficult truths led to bigger unknowns this week on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean. Pic credit: TLC

Emotions were running high on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story this week as the Americans tried to get answers to tough questions from their Caribbean partners.

Most of the couples were met with resistance from their significant others and there was one big verbal fight.

It looks like taking the next step with the people they met on vacation is proving to be harder than any of the Americans thought. Many of them thought their partners would act differently than what they’ve been showing, as they inch closer to making a decision about staying together or breaking up.

The Love in Paradise couples are trying to come to conclusions about their relationships

Aryanna tried to have a serious conversation with Sherlon about what his intentions are with the K-1 visa and coming to America to be a part of Aryanna and their son’s lives. He dodged the questions and said he doesn’t like to be pushed but agreed to see an immigration lawyer with Aryanna.

They got in a fight on the way to the lawyer’s office when Sherlon talked about helping out his friend with money. Apparently, he has not contributed anything financially to Aryanna’s pregnancy and she hopes that he gets his priorities right.

Aryanna and Sherlon
Sherlon got mad at Aryanna after she made a comment that he needs to help her before helping other people. Pic credit: TLC

Key answered Mark’s question about why she got divorced in the past. It was because her ex-husband didn’t pay enough attention to her, so she cheated. After hearing that, Mark gave Key an ultimatum of moving to California to be with him, or breaking up because he wants a monogamous relationship.

There are plenty of red flags for the couples on Love in Paradise

When Amber and Daniel went out to a club with Daniel’s brother and friend, Amber got mad at Daniel for talking to a girl at the bar. She caused a scene that made Daniel’s brother and friend uncomfortable before she stormed off.

Amber and Daniel
Amber got mad at Daniel for talking to another girl in the club and he thought she was overreacting. Pic credit: TLC

Martine had dinner at Steven’s family’s house and they grilled her about what her future plans with Steven were. She expected Steven to help her out and answer some things, but he remained quiet.

Martine talked to Steven’s mom about his past infidelity, but felt better after their talk because his mom said that he must be serious about her if he brought her around his daughter and family.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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